Writing produces clear thinking. Though I will not describe here how is that process, this draft is about reflections from my day and upcoming challenges in this week. I started writing it with a busy mind, and ended up very clear, and also with a good mindset before going to bed.

Berkeley, Tuesday, September 4, 2018 00:43 AM

I am back. It is soon to bring reflections. Still, I will complete my daily post, after replied a few mails, and need to organize few thoughts. Thus, this post corresponds to Monday, September 3, 2018.

A new challenge that is coming up requires my better and clearer English language expressions. There are plenty to things of say about my day. I might cover over time.

The day was very good. Nearby the end the day, after some silence, I came up with a sentence, for which literally my inner voice, soul, angel or whatever, were trying to stop me for saying. If I put that in a context like the Inside Out movie, I just feel like all the little version of myself where I process decisions, were, or are still, in a table saying please do not break the magic, and so now what?

Well time to work on the solutions, or what will come next.

Of course, I am responsible for every single word that I say, and recognize it.

My own steering committee, again in the a ‘fiction’ context of Inside Out, which might be quite real, will remain in executive meeting while I am sleeping.

Dignity and respect are the most important things in life. It will take effort, and overall sincerity, to win a heart. Then words and actions really matters.

It is time to be stronger and to stand up quickly for the virtues and values that I also support.

What is next in the week.

Still, wake up early, I should made for breakfast by 7:15 AM. It will be a short sleep.

A very important meeting just landed for tomorrow morning with my advisor for discuss about my research, semester schedule, qualification exams, and wrap up of the Summer course.

I am also sending out a campus announcement of a lecture on social connectivity to urban rivers on Wednesday. Without meant before, today a creek proved that can connect persons. It is a serious lecture, given by world class professor, but still nothing better than my own experience, though it might be reserved.

Moving on, I will need to prepare assignments for Thursday, and a large essay for Friday, follow up with my tennis tournament, and grading might happen on early Saturday morning, in case I continue alive in the tournament, which ends on Sunday.

A good week is coming, and there is nothing better to write to organize thoughts.

I have a much clear mind now, ready to sleep and to face the upcoming week.

P.S. (1) Today was holiday in the US, so the week will start on Tueday.

PS. (2) The title is too large. In other times, I fitted that as a paragraph, and then wrote a good title under 12 words. Today, I decided to keep the whole thing there. It is late already as well.

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