Not tough enough today, however, the battle of life continues.

Berkeley, Tuesday September 4, 2018 10:43 PM

Today, I woke at 6:20 AM. Despite sleeping just  4H20′, I woke up fresh. The push of responsibilities.

I took a shower, went for breakfast, and went about 8:20 AM to campus.

I prepare documents for a meeting with my advisor at 10:15 AM, and also promoted a lecture on Social Connectivity on Urban Rivers, which will be held tomorrow, in a colloquium that I organize. I answered few e-mails as well, before the meeting. The good thing of the mornings is that things get done fast.

I am in a key semester in my program, as I will take the qualification exams at the end of this semester, and also file my research prospectus, which has evolved in many logistical ways that I have realized. As described yesterday, there were plenty things to talk with my advisor. I have been framing the question, not only in what is needed, but also is practical, and where I can get a steeper learning curve over my residence on Berkeley. It will put me with enough skills for the next steps. While I am happy to go into details of the specific steps on the research in other time, it has been developing in a local Californian context for water storage.

Last night I dated a beautiful and smart girl. Beyond attraction, a nice combination to a more serious guy like me. She has a lot of wit. As in energy opposite poles attract each other.

In the afternoon, I started writing my essay which is due on Friday 1:00 PM.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are more busy days on my schedule, but still OK.

For some times over day, I also was wondering about a comment that I said at the end of date. There is not real knowledge about the what the other person feel, until see her. I think that there is a good timing for everything, and the comment was off.

“It is not what enters one’s mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one”

While that might have contributed, yesterday night I ate a spicy, complicated and not tasty salad which might be the source of a stomach ache that I am having tonight. While there is stress on this week, I hardly ever get these kind of aches.

It is good that I started with the essay, it will be moving on to at least 10 pages by Friday.

It was good also to see her again today. She is fine, and with a good spirit as usual.

I can recall many of this wit quotes that I learned in Ecuador, mainly at family: Cuando el muerto tiene quien lo cargue, se hace el pesado; which English would mean: when The dead become heavy when they are being carried. It actually does not much sense the quote. I just would say that when there is a lot going on, it is easy to complain or justify why one is not giving the most of itself, outside of the working time.

I was not tough enough today, rather I was weak. It is still just one day. Ready again for the battle tomorrow. There is someone to make happy as well. I will show up for few minutes, if she is OK with that.

There were many learnings today.

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