A good day

Berkeley, Wednesday September 5, 2018 11:29 PM

Magic things happen by praying, sleeping well, doing the work that is needed to be done, separating time for exercise, and enjoying time with my girlfriend.

The day started at 7:07 AM, a bit late. I showed up for breakfast, at 7:30 AM. I am glad that Jian was there as well, and 10 minutes before me.

I arrived to campus at 9 AM. I got done paper work, for the River Restoration course that we teach in the Summer. I needed the Chair’s signature.

I will not go into all the details of the day. It is a bit late.

The brain works very well in the morning. After get done the administrative work, I wrote about one page of my essay in the History and Theory of Landscape Planning.

It is a preparation paper for my qualification exams, which will start in November.

I link the landscape planning history and theory with the development done in watershed management and reservoirs. It turns out that one of the earliest reservoirs in the world, which was very well designed and merge the current fields of landscape architecture and engineering is the West Lake of Hangzhou, China. It was built in the 8th century, during the Southern Song Dynasty, for providing services of water supply, aquaculture, agriculture, and defense. Currently, it is seen as a ‘natural’ landscape, and I assume that is still on use for the described above services, but I need to double check that.

In the series of lectures that I am leading this semester, today, we have a great audience. The invited speaker was Prof. Mathias Kondolf, and his topic was in social connectivity of urban rivers. Matt, beyond to be a prolific writer and speaker, has a great ability to be clear and reach larger disciplines, meaning audiences outside of his own expertise.

The afternoon was great. In a meeting, a research goal for this semester just landed as part of my independent study units. I will be working on a topic related with sediment management in the Andes.

With other additional details, I seperated few time to play tennis, and of course good time to spend with Jian.

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