Built infrastructure is essential. Muller, et al, 2015. Review

Berkeley, Tuesday, October 23, 2018 5:00 PM Annotations from Muller, M., Biswas, A., Martin-Hurtado, R. & Tortajada, C. 2015, “Built infrastructure is essential”, Science, vol. 349, no. 6248, pp. 585-586. Muller et al (2015) interestingly challenged promoted benefits North to South of green-infrastructure in fast developing countries, for water and energy development, in contrast to pragmatic effects that […]

Dams and reduction of water storage capacity

Excerpt from the description of a colloquium that I am organizing on Water Infrastructure: There are 59,000 dams in the world; 1,400 in the state of California alone. While these dams provide fundamental services, such as irrigation (36% of the dams), hydropower (17%), water supply (15%), flood control (13%), recreation (8%), and the remaining part […]