From time tracking and agenda to conclusions from this week. I am ready to face next one

Berkeley, Sunday, September 2, 2018 10:05 PM

There is a magic feeling after working, and making progress in the work. While To-Do lists and agendas are very helpful, and I use both things, still I keep all the deadlines and meetings mainly in my mind.

Since Summer 2018, I am not using my a small agenda for planning things, and I shifted to rely only on Google Calendar. I used both in the past. I think is helpful to have the phone reminding me what is next. It pushes me or alerts me to move on to the next activity or meeting on time.

I also typed there my meal times, sleeping time and wake up time.

In case of the meal times, it is helpful, because I-House closes at 8 PM at dinner. I often aim to have dinner at 7:30 PM. It is good to have that reminder, when I am working on campus. In the past had happened that I leaved few times Wurster Hall just at 7:50 PM, or few times I skipped dinner. The rush time of arriving just before they are closing the dining hall is not a good idea, in time, food options, and even there will be few time for eating the dinner. They close at 8:30 PM. In general, my strategy for eating the meals at I-House, which I do not have scheduled, it at least 30 minutes before they close. At breakfast, I rather eat when they open, 7:15 AM. It has been a goal so far, but is becoming a more frequent habit. Lunch changes, and often on Wednesdays I had to skip it. My ideal time is 12:15 PM. Back at home, I used to have breakfast around 6:15 AM. I changed those habits mainly during the academic year 2017 – 2018, particularly during the Spring, and during weekends all over the year. Still, trying to adapt to the earlier option available, where I live, and to get the most of what I can do on campus over the day.

The stuff from my department on campus works from 8 AM to 4 PM. It is quite common schedule across the university. It of course differs from the class schedule and study schedule. A quick illustration to the difference is that libraries open from 9 AM to 10 PM. There others that open even until midnight. Assignment deadlines are normally due at midnight as well. Thus, the facilities and activities for the student activities have pushed us to a more night owl schedule than to early roster riser. I do both, and some activities of job, depend on interaction with the administrative stuff, plus, when I have to make any student administrative process, as any other student, there is a big advantage to do this things early.

During some semesters I was the first to show up on campus before 8:00 AM and the last to leave. Being the last to leave, however, was not convenient, as sometimes I returned to Wurster Hall after dinner. I have a desk, in a PhD room there. I removed that habit, and rather I stay in the library at I-House. It is nicer to be at home at that time already. I think that is better also in social and energy terms.

I have an alert in my phone as well at 9:00 PM, which tell me that is time to go bed, aiming to wake up at 5 AM. However, that is useless if I wake up at that time, as described the dining hall opens at 7:15 AM, and I need some energetic breakfast to start with my day. So, I have ignored that alarm so far, also at time I am usually doing some work, nor even starting my blog post, which is nearby the time that I stop using the computer for the day.

The good habit during my time at I-House seems to be go to bed by 11:00 PM, and wake up at 6:30 AM.

I have tracked my times in activities and weight, for few years. I have been doing in a digital form, google sheets since February, 2018, which is thousand times much more convenient. While in the past, I was well aware about timing, the digital data has help me to plot all the history, and have a better overview of where to make improvements, or sources of a certain problem, beyond the record of the recent days.

By the end of this week, particularly Friday and Saturday, I started to get easily grumpy at few situations. I believe that there are few predominant reasons:

  1. Few slept over last week. I slept 6 hours on average, with many days sleeping 5h30. Only on Tuesday, I slept 8 hours, which increased the arithmetic average.
  2. Additional events, and request that I received over the week, for which I just stressed a bit more.
  3. Coming deadline, which is OK, in midst of other task that are also happening. Perhaps with good sleep. I normally handle well.
  4. Praying or meditating. I have not stopped to take adequate time for my daily prayer in this week. Particularly the morning and night prayer.

Another learning is the good feeling of advancing the work. So, it is better to do it earlier in the day, and have a less stressful time in the night, though that can be idealistic.

All good a moving on. Next Friday night, I will play a match in a tournament to become part of a tennis club on campus. A bit brave to jump into the court for that. That is another little factor of stress that is ongoing.

All good and things are moving on. Today, was a nice day. I also took a nap in the afternoon, which seems I needed.

Looking forward to face a good week. Tomorrow, is holiday in the United States, still will be the beginning of the new week for me.

In addition, I have nice breakfast and dinner plans for tomorrow.

P.S. I always write the title at the end of the post.



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