Brainstorming and some story telling on today’s schedule and activities

Berkeley, Saturday, September 1, 2018 11:34 PM

I will not extend in this blog, as I need to go to sleep in about 16 minutes.

A question for what to write, would be about my experiences, reactions, feelings, schedule; or should I post a topic and link then talk about my experiences on it?

I strongly believe on how fascinated and useful is to write the experiences for the author itself, and those can be useful for the reader, who might have experienced something similar or who can learn from mines.

I have been writing the last posts at the end of the day, where I am close to sleep as well, so there is a risk on the clarity of the writing.

Now, I know a reader, or perhaps few. While that is very good. At what level should I write my daily experiences? I can write, and share previous experiences easily, but in a daily basis?

Yes, I will do that. It is also faster. At some point I can express my further insides, on questions that I either observe or see per day. Some topics that I would like to write about in other time are the follow:

  • Since when people started to drink alcohol, and why? I consumed alcohol in social gatherings between 17 years old and 21 years old in Ecuador. I stopped between 21 y.o. to about 25 y.o. Since then, I rarely or sporadically have a drink. In many cultures, and perhaps everyone where I have lived I see that is a cultural thing. What is the purpose. I meant it is very nice to have the mind clear without any influence. I need to further explore the topic, and to debate, at some point.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant. I like to have a cup of coffee in the mornings, but not more than that. This is for perhaps an additional debate. Although, I do not have several concerns with the current widespread cultural preferences of having coffee available at anytime of the day. In this case, people might have a coffee for working more or can be similar as some of the alcohol preference, to have a drink while having a conversation.

It just came to my mind that actually in a cold weather, as the one were I was born, in the Cuenca, at 2,500 msnm, and in another nearby beautiful landscapes, having a strong drink with hot ‘Horchata’ water is a very nice and sactifastory need.

In any case things above where just a brainstorm, which definitely will be hard to read. All of these are first draft, so as there might be nice and good posts sometimes, not all them would be good.


Today, I woke up at 7:40 AM. Took a shower, and had breakfast. I listed KQED news when I woke up. I also laid for 10 minutes, before standing up. I slept about 6 hours.

I had a haircut at 10:00 AM. Worked on campus later, and have lunch around 12:40 PM. There was a football game on Berkeley today, and I live next to the stadium, so there were plenty of movement.

I worked after lunch, from 1:10 PM to 1:55 PM. Then, I went to the first practice of Club of Tennis, named Berkeley Club Association. I fitted well in the advanced class, so far, which will be a challenge over the semester. Playing more tennis matches will be good, my strokes are good so far, but I need to improve my service.

Everything moves a high speed at the Bay Area, expect for some resident dynamics in I-House. I guess that can be personal choices, I am speaking in first person here. While I have taking plenty of courses per semester, and involved on campus jobs, still sometimes I feel that I am not yet at the speed that the people in this region do things.

The tennis was just a small example to generalize the case. I like the pace of the tryout, and the variety of activities.

I took a nap later as I was exhausted, had a nice dinner. A short conversation afterwards, from which I need to realize how I get mind blocked for the second consecutive day, though, is that the scheduling of breakfast discussion, which produces me that effect. I do not know yet. In any case, I am promoting an early breakfast on weekends in the Home. It will be served at 7:15 AM, who can show up good, otherwise it will be OK. Tomorrow, it will happen at 7:30 AM. I will have some guests. I particularly like one.

It was one invitation at the first time. Since then I am sharing my habit, but I am noone to make decisions for my guests, who are also residences, and would like to come later. I enjoy the time with them, so we can share other opportunities, that fit common schedules, beyond my breakfast preferences.

Further, I did some reading on water, and on a novel that I have advanced 2/3 already, over a long time however. Such a difficult book to finish, though it is getting more interesting now.

I assisted a formed student from Ecuador with a requirement, and worked in one of my jobs. It is so refreshing for the mind to get things done, or either to provide consultation advice in my study field.

I went for a short walk, and get few things for breakfast.

I enrolled in a tennis tournament for next week. It is a tryout for become part of the amateur tennis team from cal. The team competes in several tournaments over the year, I do not further details now. It will be good to try. It starts on Friday, September 7 until Sunday September 9, right after hitting my academic deadline, where I am writing a research paper about the History of Water Resources Management and Large Scale of Landscape Planning.

I ended up expanding in post. I will get 6 hours and 30 minutes of sleep for tomorrow.

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