Post day description. Thinking on writing tone and content of next posts, and perhaps steps, while I wrote it.

Berkeley, Saturday September 1, 2018. 00:28 AM

I passed by few minutes Friday, but this post corresponds to Friday, August 31, 2018.

A year more of life, and I am thankful for it. I was born on Sunday, August 31, 1986 at 2:00 AM, in Cuenca, Ecuador.

I will separate a year summary, and adding other details from my life through other posts. Now, I will briefly describe my day, an a usual post.

This series of posts is not autobiography. I think I can expand in details and outcomes while writing a book. Still, these posts made a continuous story about my schedule, habits, decisions, which would be interesting to see them together as time goes.

I slept about 11:50 PM last night (Thursday). I listen for about 40 minutes the postcast from the morning interview from Michael Krasny to Dan Kammen, and other two panelist, at KQED, about a bill proposal which would encourage California to phase out fossil fuels by 2045. It was interesting to hear the possible scenarios for that and how even the car energy consumption is a factor in the modeling for the economic analysis. The panelist who was against it made her points regarding the high costs for building new infrastructure. It was an interesting debate, from the parts that I heard.

I am not from the Bay Area, I am from Ecuador, so I do not too much about Michael Krasny, but he seems a very competent interviewer. A goal that I have started to develop is to practice to interview people, and potentially to get a radio set forum for 1 hour per week once in the future.

Dan Kammen is a very good speaker, who is able to argument very well his points. Beyond that native and non-native English speakers can understand him easily as well.

This morning I woke up at 7:17 AM. Washed my face quickly and change to some sports clothes, and showed up for breakfast at 7:25 AM. I beat for the time Zaidat, who is one of the earliest raiser at I-House. The dining hall opens at 7:15 AM, which of course, is not early, not too late neither, but I-House waking up is late.

There was some noise as well in the corridor in the late night, from some neighbors who were still awake, with that I meant that the late sleeping habits might be influence other residents if there is some noise in the night.

In any case, it is good to have a early breakfast club at 7:15 AM. We have our table. The best way to develop a good habit an make an impact on people is by creating some social entertainment from it. Everyone is challenged now in the still forming club to show up at 7:15 AM. I have good expectations for it throughout the year.

After breakfast I took a shower, replied few family messages, organize my room. It was fast, and finally all the washed clothes are in their correct drew or place in the closet.

I read and replied a blog comment as well.

Oh, I listened forum as well as QKED, today the topic was “Has Big Tech Pushed the Innovation out of Silicon Valley?”. The interviewed participant was the author of an article in The Economist on that topic. Her point made sense. She said that the big tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, among other have made the living cost very expensive in the Bay Area in the recent years after their growth. Thus, it is not economically effective for new start ups, start with their entrepreneurships paying such a high housing and living expenses costs. So the starts ups are moving away from the Silicon Valley to beautiful and more affordable place, like where? Either was not mentioned or I did not heard that part.

During my work day, I dealt with some student logistics, but mainly with tough work decisions. So a lot of thinking, courage, concentration was needed for sending out the request that I sent.

Time will tell, but everything good, and just keeping things clear in my activities.

There were two minor things which also took part my brain attention and thinking, well I will said one. The other is too simple, which actually did not take much of my thinking.

What are the limits of generosity? A colleague who can easily might afford a tent, asked for my tent for a three day field trip. Many people have helped in the past that is why I easily reacted giving a yes, although, it was requested in a mail that I did not liked too much. I bought my tent about one month ago. I used it for a one week class on river restoration that I coordinate. We teach the class in the woods in the Sierra Nevada, the place name is Sagehen Creek Field Station. A beautiful place. I camped there for 7 days this year, while running the logistics for the class. The analysis will go further, it is better for a one-one with the person first, which should happen, then I can write.

I had to stop writing. After dinner, I finished grading, which actually was reacting to evaluation/reflection form for the readings and lectures of a colloquium that I lead this semester. It was very refreshing though. I asked some open questions. I looking forward for further discussion on them. I returned the graded/commented forms within 24 hours.

After that I had a short walk for buying bread and milk for tomorrow breakfast, with a beautiful girl who lives in I-House.

Tomorrow for breakfast I will bring a Colombian coffee, a gift from my friend Luis, who recently returned from Santander.

The challenge is breakfast at 8:00 AM. I will get about 6 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow, it will be a working, reading, and sports day. I also need to go to downtown.

Brief schedule: 8:00 AM breakfast, 9:40 AM Downtown, 11:20 AM work, 12:15 PM Brunch, 2 PM tennis try out for see if I join tennis Berkeley club, work, read, and write from 5 PM onwards, with the dinner break.





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