Target oriented day. Difficulties were more time related rather than content. The academic challenges were fulfilled.

Berkeley, Thursday August 30, 2018 8:59 PM

What a day! (I am exclaiming. I am not asking, or should I use a question mark?)

It was a good day. However, it is time to sleep not. I consumed my energy for day already.

I have a class at 6:30 PM, which is a more discussion oriented class, so not a big deal. It is about teaching. However an assignment for today, which is a requirement from UC Berkeley before teaching, is to take a online course about the GSI Professional Standards and Ethics. GSI stands for Graduate Student Instructor.

That online course covers plenty of relevant information for teaching, which prepare us either to difficult situations, or is eye opening in others. It has five modules on the following topics:

  1. GSI Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
  2. Promoting Learning through Diversity: The Inclusive Classroom
  3. Teaching Students with Disabilities
  4. Creating an Educational Environment Free of Sexual Harassment
  5. Fostering Academic Integrity

There is a short quiz at the end of each module. Each module can be completed in 60 minutes. I also completed a survey about my learning style, and read quickly, with some skimming of two readings. I worked on this since 11:40 AM. I took a 30 minutes break at 1 PM for lunch, and continue working during the afternoon with 5 to 10 minutes breaks after taking the quizes.

While, of course, those were not difficult task, the time constraint was an interesting challenge. I brought all the material for classes. Then, at classes I missed a good opportunity to ask to audience / classmates, over the discussion, about few logistics and tasks that I am applying for the series of lectures.

Other good news is that as I live at International House, I was working in the library from the house. It is next door from from the Berkeley International Office (BIO), which is located in the same house. I took one of my study breaks to pick up an important document which extend my legal status in the United States until my graduation date. That was a process which needed several steps. I am thankful with Fulbright, Laspau, UC Berkeley, my department in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, and BIO. People on these institutions had an impact or worked for the excellent outcome written in the document that I picked up during my five minute break.

Now, I will talk about some schedule details between last night and today.

I arrived a bit tired to my room about 11:40 PM. Saved additional washed clothes from the bin that have been waiting for 4 days to be completed. I said it was 1/8, I just saved few, almost mission accomplished, but step by step for being able to do other stuff. Is that right? Perhaps, many things have been happening on these days, and keep moving on.

Same as other recent days that I arrived tired, I decided to just lay on the bed, for perhaps a minute, and check the phone. I do not think that was even able to check anything, I fall asleep as soon as I layed on the bed. The bed lights were on.

Some days ago I wrote about the proper sleeping habits: An adequate sleep is key for productive. I should remind me everyday that. I woke up then at 4:00 AM, went to the toilet, changed clothes to appropriate sleeping clothes, a simple cotton T-shirt, and short pants. I checked quickly Twitter, and find out that a professor, who is my dissertation committee was going to be in an interview in KQED radio with Michael Kransy at 9:00 AM about about a California’s proposal that would set a goal of phasing out all fossil fuels by 2045. I went back to sleep by 4:20 PM. Oh I remember, why I took the phone. It was to let my friend Zaidat that I was not going to show up for breakfast at 7:15 AM.

I woke up at 8:50 AM. Those were 4H30 of very good sleep. I was fully recharged in the morning. I just listen news and the interview, which is in the link above, for 5 to 10 minutes, took a shower, and went for breakfast by 9:30 AM.

I organized my room further, made the bed, save few additional clothes, and went to the library to work, where I started with my usual 15′ warm up reading of a book. I am reading now The Winter Vault by Anne Michaels, which was a gift from an emeritus professor, so I had some challenge to finish it before contacting the professor again.

Regarding te clothes, now perhaps just 1/64 of the basket it remaining, just some socks, which I finally finish tonight. I did laundry last Sunday, just today, I will finish to put everything in order, almost when the next laundry cycle will come. I do laundry every other Sunday.

Time to stop writing, go to my room. Do some reading, and get a good sleep.

Tomorrow, I need to do one administrative academic task; two job tasks, prepare one assignment, and prepare a flier to announce next week lecture in my colloquium.

I will wake up at 6:00 AM.

Until next time…



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