Showing up for the social events from friends? Yes, often should be a priority.

Berkeley, Wednesday, August 29, 2018 10:47 PM

I face multiple decisions over a day, and receive a large amount of e-mails, sometimes invitations, plus extra challenges on which I commit.

Today, I hosted Professor Radke, an expert on spatial analysis, on my colloquium. I assigned to the participants a reading of 17 pages on the topic assessing the vulnerability of the California’s Transportation Field Sector to flooding under climate change conditions.

I was impressed on the computational power and strategy for being able to model all the California coast, and being able to illustrate the topic.

I am thankful of the prompt reply and willingness attitude from Professor Radke to present and contribute with the series of lecture, despite his talk was outside of the main theme which is on rivers and infrastructure.

This is the more public event of the day to share. During the afternoon I hold key meetings, where two important outcomes where agreed for the next days and next week. One is related with advances in a river restoration short course for the Summer and other to a high profile speaker, who accepted the invitation to the colloquium.

The points of analysis and lessons learned are for decisions taken since early afternoon yesterday.

My very dynamic PhD student colleague Sophie organized a social meeting at Mad Oak bar as a kick off event for the year. I live about 30 minutes away for that place. The meeting was for 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Under the pressure to get the work done, and academic deadlines coming for a class tomorrow, and for a essay for my qualification exams on September 5, it was challenging to decide to go.

As rule of thumb, I like to say yes to this invitations. It is always good to share time with and get to know better the colleagues. All the individuals work better, if a nice environment is created.

I decided to go, as confirmed in the early afternoon, which was already a late confirmation. I worked until 7 PM. My colleague Sarah and the new City and Regional Planning, Becky, agreed on texting me to take an Uber or Lift after they finished dinner in another event.

Time worked well, although, in theory I should have stopped to work at 6:10 PM, to be able to eat dinner at I-House.

We went to Mad Oak at 7:05 PM, and arrived a good time there. About 7:27 PM, just before the Tuesday’s trivia started. The fantastic Sophie already had a table for us. We were a group of 10 people in total,

I eat a delicious hamburger and a glass of red wine. I have changed my criteria about hamburger, I did not like them in Ecuador. I guess that living here for two years already have Americanized me in some food choices, though I believe that hamburguer actually are better here than Ecuador, as well as Ecuadorian food, i.e. ceviche and patacones, should be much better in Ecuador than here.

By 10 PM I was back at I-House, I wrote the blog, and I think I also worked for a while. I ate two fig bears, something that I love, and I brownie, because I was hungry. I have been losing some weight over the last weeks anyways. All the results of the active life. I am currently in a good body mass index (BMI), 22.5. So I need to keep an eye on the food habits to keep the weight there. Although, for at about 8 years my BMI has been stable between 22.3 and 23.5.

I went to room very tired nearby 11:30 PM. Some of the washed/dried clothes (1/2 of the basket) that I have not saved yet, where waiting for me in the bed, to be saved.

I just arrived tired. I decided to lay on the bed and check the cellphone. Of course, I fell asleep right away. A common mistake. I woke up about 3:00 AM. Save some clothes, put the rest in the clothes basket, washed my face, changed to sleeping clothes for sleeping, which are just a cotton t-shirt and short pants, turned off the lights and slept.

I woke up about 8:00 AM, but felt that I need few extra sleep, unfortunately, and woke u at 9:13 AM. Took a quick shower, ate breakfast, have a discussion over dams in Ethiopia over breakfast, and went to organize a little bit things in my room. Still 1/10 of the bin of washed clothes is waiting for being saved.

I prayed and did some reading on campus already. It was not until 11:30 AM that I started with productive work.

I showed up for 15 minutes at noon for a lunch that I was kindly invited to Energy and Resources Group. I did not stay because I had to finish my readings that I assigned to the students, before the lecture at 1:10 PM started.

I went to lecture classroom with all the materials ready for the colloquium at 12:58 PM. I finished 3 pages in the next 10 minutes and introduced the speaker to audience on time at 1:10 PM. Still, I feel that I was in a rush. In many ways, I am the one setting the atmosphere in the classroom. I enjoyed the lecture, but there was not a full connection to the audience.

When I said decision, there might some events to restrain in order to prioritize other responsibilities. While it is nice to do many things, it is hard to do it all well.

On the other hand, when I host an event I appreciate the people that show up. More in these kind of small social events.

Time to stop writing.

I have been challenged to show up for breakfast daily at 7:15 AM by an I-House friend, will see if that works tomorrow. I do not see why not.

Then, it will be a day to complete long assignments and readings for a class that I attend at 6:30 PM.

Additional, job related tasks and other administrative duties i have delayed for Friday.

I must try to wrap up one of jobs by Sunday, to focus on writing for my coming deadline on September 7.




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