Multidimensions: It is a need to be present in social media, but being active in them could be actually good, and not distractive. Will see.

Berkeley, Tuesday August 28, 2018 10:40 PM

I am writing this essay, late while a bit tired. I am at I-House Cafe, sharing a 2 person table, with my Public Policy student friend, Hannibal. The music is very loud here at the Cafe, but still will try to do my best to finish this on time. The Cafe closes at 11:00 PM, so I have about 20 minutes to finish it and go to my dorm to organize the clothes and sleep.

Deadlines are good. They push to finish things before changing activities, no matter if the deadline is going to social event, going to do sports, going to class, the time the cafeteria closes, the time that the library closes, the time that the dining hall closes, or the actual deadline for an assignment. Deadlines are good for keep things moving on.

Today was an OK or fairly good day. There was not time wasted and interesting conversations happened. I got exposed to more American culture, and American jokes, and also I learned later Ethiopian culture. It is interesting how many people can try to say something in different ways. It is referenced more to my friend of Ethiopia joke that it could not get it because I did not understand the cultural context. Of course, later I asked for clarification. Now I know how Ethiopians ask about the girls that were in an event, and if I met someone interesting for my friend. An Ethiopian man just ask in a funny way, there were someone from my age in the event? It means the description above mentioned.


The Cafe close, I actually leaved at about 10:48 PM. I just realized about the loud music. It was to kick people out.

Today’s post will cover the following topics, until 10′ more minutes of writing happen:

  • Daily journal: schedule, activities, learning.
  • Some planning
  • Learnings about American Culture
  • Choosing battles to fight. Meaning that under all the things that we are exposed per day, we choose in what spend or not spend time and attention. I have not created an Instagram account yet. Just find out that someone has been impersonating me, using my name and picture. Good to find. The problem is solved.

Yesterday, about 11:45 PM, I finished already with my daily activities. The day was ready to call it. I checked these websites, which I recently created, and as it has link to social media, which you can click on top of the page. It just came to me the curiosity to quickly create an Instagram site.

I do not post on the social media often, or nearly do not post. Just an prior idea to stay focused. However, over the last months I have concluded than being active in the social media is actually more productive and can keep you more focused than restraining from it. Why?

Everyday at some point, my brain will get tired from the activities on which I was focused during the day. When the night comes, and the productivity decreases the temptation of checking social media will be there. If I am not active, I can just read and check but not post, which is an inactive approach. While in the other hand if I am active on social media, or blogging on those times, when the brain is a bit tired, and needs a change of activity. Writing or posting is a change of activity to an actual active activity, where the brain is still working, rather than the inactive approach of just checking.

It is fair to say that we will need to read and react, otherwise, the system will not work without readers. It might be a preference as well that there are less writers than readers.

As I polish my writing skills, language, and style and I fit them with the time framework that I aim, I will start choosing either specific topics, structuring the posts, or deciding if I should share daily experiences.

It seems good to start writer with a time counter.

Back to some points of the outline, and nearly hitting my time to wrap up my writing. After surprisely opening a Instagram account, and found that my name was not available because someone took it, and was using a picture from my Facebook account as profile picture, plus already some people who I know have following that person. I invested about 30 minutes between reporting the account to Instagram, and also organizing the washed clothes, from which still some are in the laundry basket, before sleep.

The iteration with Facebook and closing that account, took a following up e-mail.

I slept about 8 hours of good sleep. Today, I organized the colloquium, plus some extra administrative activities.

I attended to social event from my PhD colleagues at Oakland which was a Trivia.

Interesting to be more exposed to the American culture. I still need to tune a bit better my English and understanding of the American culture to get all the jokes. It was an interesting experience.

Coming up tonight is to finish to save the washed clothes. Half basket.

Tomorrow, I am challenged to show up ready to go for work at 7:15 AM. There is a breakfast club at I-House that we are creating just by practice of showing up when the dining hall opens.

I need to prepare some reading in the morning, and I was challenged to come by to ERG department at noon to talk for three minutes about my research, at lunch time.

At 1:00 PM, I run my class, and two works are coming later, plus a big deadline on September 7.

I continue moving on and tomorrow will come more experiences and adventures.




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