Some experiences; actually, each time more daily experiences described over a chunk of time

Berkeley, Monday August 27, 2018 9:35 PM

Starting the second week of the Fall semester.

The following topics that this post I will cover today in this post:

  1. Discipline / schedule.
  2. Short meal save time and weight as well.
  3. Stay active by working, writing, making calculations, reading, summarizing, and the brain activates over the day even the sleep was short.
  4. Curiosity killed the cat, but I hope not me. I ate a piece of areca / betel nut (6 cm long x 3 cm), just learned what actually is it learned.

Discipline and schedule

Yesterday, I decided to split the professional and professional blog. Here, I will share daily my thoughts, experiences, challenges, mistakes, learnings, goals, promises, opinions, schedule, advices; while Sowamar, which stands for Soil and Water Management Research, will content findings, advances, or my curiosities in that topic.

Somehow my working activities, stopped about 11:20 PM. I wrote my blog later. I will continue that habit.

I should have gone to sleep by 1:00 AM, which is actually too late already. The often mistake came again. I checked news, Twitter and Facebook on the cellphone while lying on the bed. It was just a sign to be tired, but I must slept when I am done with my duties for the day, or just when it is time to sleep already.

I did not fell asleep while checking the cellphone on the bed, but I stayed awake until 2:30 AM. I organize a lit bit my clothes that I washed in the afternoon. I still need to finish to organize all the washed clothes.

I slept then at 2:40 AM. I woke up at 8:48 AM. Meaning 6H08′ of sleep. Too few.

I took a shower, got a good breakfast. Then, I went to campus. I actually invested quite some time setting up the new website. At lunch time, I was not hearing well. I do not what was the reason, but still was OK.

The afternoon was very productive. I read and summarize a chapter. Organized the colloquium, and in general things were working very fast.

I have an schedule at I-House for the meals, which is convenient. I decided to go for dinner at 7:20 PM. Good time, I can pick up dinner at 7:30 PM, it is a time that is working well.

Over dinner time, a friend, Rafa, offered some nuts, which were in a Chinese package.

He alerted possible health contra-effects from them. As a curious person I decided to try and chew a piece, which was about 6 cm by 3 cm. It tasted as dried fruit, which was good. I like dried fruits. I perhaps even passed a piece. Later my friends in the table show me some articles on internet about the effects from that nut. Its name is areca or betel nut. I guess that it was the hard way to learn what is it.

I guess that the amount that I chewed is OK. In any case I drunk hot water later, yogurt, and melon. All these things are good for digestion.

I picked up my backpack after diner and went to I-House Cafe to work. There was a tril fire alarm, so I took my stuff, and the food that I described, for working at Strada Cafe.

For not just sitting there I ate a banana pecan muffin.

Those were my learnings from today. It is time to stop writing, and get the clothes organized, and get ready for tomorrow for finish to organize the colloquium, do some other work for wrapping up the logistic for a class we thought over the Summer, and advance with my dissertation.

My target is to be at Wurster Hall at 8:00 AM. So, I need to wake up at 6:30 AM.




2 thoughts on “Some experiences; actually, each time more daily experiences described over a chunk of time

    1. Indeed, I make many mistakes per day, thankfully.

      In 1966, Piet Hien published the following poem:

      “The road to wisdom? Well, it’s plain
      And simple to express:
      and err
      and err again,
      but less
      and less
      and less.”

      Hein, P. Grooks, MIT Press, 1966


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