Vim, tennis, not good sleep, or what took away my energy from Saturday to Sunday morning?

Berkeley, Sunday August 26, 2018 11:40 PM

Before the day ends, I must fulfill my daily writing challenge.

Soon, I will split my research webpage and my personal blog on two pages. I founded SOWAMAR last year, on October 26, 2017.

The story behind is beautiful, while Sowamar means Soil and Water Management Research. There is a purpose behind that work, as many other jobs do. It also means to sow love, as amar translates love in Spanish.

Sowamar will focus particularly on water and soil topics. I have a good feeling about the future of Sowamar.

I will be happy to continue posting my daily life, challenges, struggles, schedule, goals, habits, and my opinion about a variety of topics in a personal blog, which I will announce in the next days.

I usually like to come with a solution already, to save time and words on explaining what I will do. However, I did not want to skip my daily writing, and it is already late to go sleep.

I need to create a new webpage for my personal blog. However, I do not want to lost my daily post, which are about 7 or more days of 20 – 40 minutes writing. A habit that I have been posting in public since last week. Until I create the new website, and figurate out solutions for the written blogs, Sowamar will continue hosting my blog of personal experience and thoughts.

Sowamar will remain active, and I will also write 20′ – 40′ per day of topics on water and soil management.

Then comes the questions, where to allocate those times, including time for writing the called white papers, and additional activities. I have to say that I am loving this blogging challenge and the topic as well. Often in the blog will be an update of process or to show the thinking process, even if I get stuck.

After the update about decisions to make regarding where to post, I will share my Saturday and Sunday experiences, with the permission still of

Once I said already that I do not necessarily post my best actions of the day, although sometimes I can do it, I also or rather post personal learnings, mistakes, doubts, or things that sometimes did not worked quite well. I do this for the purpose to learn from this lessons, in a seek of continuous improvement.

Vim, tennis, bedroom lights on, or talking too much at dinner: what took away my energy from Saturday to Sunday morning?

Saturday was an interesting day. I worked from 9 AM to 2 PM. Played tennis from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM. I wrote later. However, I spent perhaps one of my longest dinner at the dining hall. It was nice though. I arrived for dinner at 6:45 PM, and lived at 8:30 PM. Later, 9:00 PM, by curiosity, Dan, a mathematician friend, taught me for 45 minutes the text editor VIM and how to work with the Terminal at Mac. I learned LaTeX editor some time ago, and I admire Donald Knuth. I am an enthusiast on understanding how the computer and software work, beyond using it. My understanding is that in the editor VIM, I can write multiple programing languages, but also write text, for which LaTeX is also a kind a programing code, while writing.

It is a bit complicated, but it is quite beautiful to write in LaTeX, and understanding the computer as well. I will see if I invest extra time on that. Still Word and Google Docs are very good. One key advantage on how I like to organize things while writing, is by writing sections in separate files. Then, in LaTeX, I can easily recall those section, while compiling the master folder. The constrain, is the learning time, while deadlines keep coming.

In any case by 10 PM, I was too tired. I decided to lay on my bed, and checked what was going on in the news. I started checked Twitter quickly, and the other thing I remember before falling asleep was reading about the transfers from Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Barcelona. Random things.

In fact I fell asleep with the lights on, checking the cellphone, somehow I believe that I usually put my glasses just next to me when my sleeping shutdown time comes. I reacted at 4:00 AM, that I woke up to turn off lights, close the curtains, and sleep appropriately.

Since then, I reset all my previous sleeping. While I turned off one of the alarms at 7:30 AM, which was either my cellphone or radio, I perhaps was so deeply slept that I ignored the other one. I have a deep sleep fortunately. There is a loudy garbage truck, which has not disturbed my sleep for more than a year now, when it comes to pick up the garbage from a metallic container, between 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM.

In any case, I ended up waking up at noon. Too bad. At least the afternoon was productive getting ready for the coming week. I did laundry, organize my room and desk. I also went to church, and participated from a nice welcoming student dinner there.

Things are moving one, and will make the right actions, to adjust to make the consistent early rise schedule even in the weekends.

Based on experience and people that I know, including my mother, I fully agree with the following quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise



2 thoughts on “Vim, tennis, not good sleep, or what took away my energy from Saturday to Sunday morning?

    1. Change of activity boosts productivity, but during the academic year is also hard to take them off. Slowing down but still doing some job/study task, and leaving good energy and time for extra activities and friends sounds to be the ideal.


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