Persona thinking

Berkeley, Tuesday, October 6, 2020 6:18 PM

In between a break as the machine is working on converting a file to a process I can upload as a recorded video from lecture, I wanted to list few aspects of improvement so after some time I can recall them and write.

Few things go loose, which is bad, but not terrible. I will require hard work to enter the brain productivity challenges again.

If I have time sometime I will write again about links of productivity to sleep, diet, exercise. The challenges to be flooded by news. The role that videos, tv shows, video games (not a big fan of those, but I had few in the computer during high school years, and meet with friends for playing video games once in a while, I did not like those meetings. I have to say. I always preferred either outdoor activities, or something more real than video games. I guess the same applies for movies, though those I watch one once in a while) play in life. Though, when I consult a video, I watch news, debates, and few satire once in a while. My evolution on this aspects. the discipline to takes to become a writer, speakers, lecturer, reviewer.

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