Berkeley, Tuesday, October 6, 2020 2:34 PM

I recall being told by females friends, more than once, to avoid being too harsh with myself. Well, I guess there are times in life, when one is awake and the wind is flowing from behind and we understand the route to navigate; but there other times, which might be even more mechanical when one can go off trails, and really need to push hard to be sincere with oneself and so with others.

I am mad with myself about performance of use of my own time during the last weeks.

Presidential debates, and the news around it, really interest me, but it has distracted my main focus as well.

While I am on transition between two activities now.

I am disappointed now with how I have shifted my schedule to late nights and late morning wake ups. Not a good routine of cooking and food intake. Not the amount of writing and reading substance I wish to do. Plenty of video watch of news, debates, health of the president, congressional hearings, and related.

Why? I read plenty of news on paper, which is good. But those seems to be connected to what is happening in the TV or youtube, which might not be a healthy circle.

In any case, my time structure has loosen. While I am not afraid any more from the concussion, and need to deal with dentist issues. I must connect again with the high wind currents to navigate through it.

Of course, wind does not lead us without our effort. The strongest the wind, perhaps the more skills we need, but I have slowed down to too much passivity or distractions in the last week.

Come on Vicente!

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