Read and write

Berkeley, Monday, October, 12, 2020 9:28 PM

Read and write on a daily basis is key to keep the brain going and for not allowing topics to get cold. However, not all can be have time for being a freelance writer, and perhaps even as important a freelance reader as there are duties to do.

I receive three newspapers per day. About one week ago, I subscribed to another one, digitally for that one, because I was interested on an article, but I already cancelled my subscription. It is hard to keep up with the three newspaper and other magazines I receive, some monthly other weekly.

In any case, i am going to do laundry now. Finally.

I am still trying to adjust well daily schedule. A potent reflector lamp was installed outside of my bedroom wall, south side of window. I am trying to black out lights, but still get leaks of lights inside, which might be altering the sleeping habits.

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