Coherence and weakness

Berkeley, Wednesday, September 30, 2020. 7:30 PM

It is interesting that after I just reflected few days ago about how dumb I was on watching soccer and tennis for a couple over last weekend, yesterday, I did the same mistake with checking about 30 minutes of the debate after it was over. Perhaps around 9.30 PM Pacific Time. The problem was that I had other things to focus on for my reading and writing, but I went on checking commentaries. it was not all the time continuous, but mainly it was ll the time until 2.30 am. Yes, so stupid.

That of course alter waking up patterns for next day, when I end up waking naturally at 7:30 am, but then falling asleep again until 12:30 pm.

I need to identify that deficiency, whether it was the toothache or something else. that is over.

I will see this accountability of actions almost in a daily life, but likely not necessarily fixed. Sometimes I can write mistakes or thoughts in a weekly basis or more, but the key is to keep going.

Other aspects, I will just figure out.

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