Berkeley, Wednesday, September 30, 2020 7:19 PM

I am not a runner. I play tennis once in a while. I might start running, though that is a weak comment.

I went today to the dentist, then had a zoom meeting of one hour with my peers. My mouth was numb, because I had an injection to get the filling. the only hope is that the pain caused by the prior dentist should go away. Will see.

Life is a bit complicated, but interesting. One really need to fight, but not necessarily be a bull. One needs to to have faith and to think to make progress.

Planning is good, but not always things go as planned, then comes faith and strength to keep going. There are always risks to become a curser or a victim, which seems I might have become with my comments from the dentists experience.

I do believe I have forget them, unfortunately I opened my mouth to not recommened them, which of course make sense, but it is good to finish it.

Spoken or written thoughts means nothing without actions. I should be reporting more actions.

Anyways, the race of life continues. i am paying attention to it.

I would need to become more efficient and effective.

At the end, what we do is what matters, rather than what we know, I assume what we do not do matters as well, which can be good sometimes, but in terms of actions, there are plenty of good works, which we should keep doing.

Finally, places to be straightforward are in the media, opinion editorials, and research publications than often in this blog.

But how good is to write and to forgive for the heart and reason.

This is the reason I rescued this blog though I could not rescue my username after 30 days of closing it, so sorry to prior followers, who are not anymore here. This writing is just like be brainstorming thoughts, which at some point organize the heart and the reason. Then, that is the reason of the namesake of this blog.

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