Joy of life, when even doubts are present

Berkeley, Wednesday, September 30, 2020 7:44 PM

Eyes jumping around. A little of trembling in some face muscles, and even in hands. The prior was with some audience of colleagues. The other one has happened some years ago in a class demonstration, and even alone few times. So it was not necessarily the concussion or the fact of joining the meeting with an anesthesia from the doctor.

It might have been the lack of continuous activity and the guilty feeling as well.


Keep going. Keep participating. Perhaps I should reduce the number of subscriptions, though I like to be informed.

Results will tell at some point.

Now, I just I need to stay focused.

Yes. get things done. Solve past issues. Keep focused to try to persuade some arguments, but arguments or anything else does not matter too much, if one does not show the work first.

Commitment to causes is per minute and per need.

I and everyone else keep building one’s life. though, I strongly believe that one roles is not necessarily to be that proactive, but to be awake. take and make the most of the opportunities given, and, yes, tell the truths on time. How important is to be awake for not being carrying too many rocks of thoughts, debts, or actions, but sometimes with a strong spirit is just ok to carry them, if releasing does not make any good.

Again, heart, respect, and commitment to life.

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