Back to Blog, back on time

Berkeley, Monday, September 21, 2020 1:15 AM

I wrote this yesterday in Wix, while in the meantime I asked wordpress support if was possible to recover both my account and my previous sites. Well, I could not recover my prior username, and at least I rescue my site domain main. In the next days, I will try to import the content, where somewhere you can find the history or reason of the site name, and perhaps of the events as well if you are interested on those.

I will keep this site. Perhaps, I will not use at least for now, the site that I created meanwhile, which I named: ¡que pasa!

Here starts the blog post:

Berkeley, Saturday, September 19, 2020 10:10 AM

On June 12, 2020 I closed my prior blog pages in order to focus on an important life event target that I had on July 9. After it many things have happened. I move to a new place in the same city because my prior landlord wanted to renovate the studio. It was a good opportunity to move out from there. Finding a new place, keeping up with the summer duties, and with the Fall duties, was challenging. There are aspects I should have planned better or take actions earlier. Some costs at the moment looked unfair. Plus because I had plenty of stuff to move. Some last minute decisions also took time.In addition I got a concussion just at the start of moving things.

The concussion was another story that took my attention. Since then I make more mistakes typing. It can be due to changes in the sleeping routine as well.
Now that I am typing I regret in part to have closed my blog. I was worried because I got behind in some activities.
But the blog keep one on track on what matters, or at least keep the brain quite active and focused just on reading and writing, which is the best way of thinking.
In some of educational duties I have create skills on video producing and editing. Still those are basic skills, but it seems that they are covering the needs. While here are two different topics, and there might be good videos to check, times flies if one start to watch videos. Since late July, and I regret that around July 28 and July 30, I watched for about three hours the hearings to Congress from the big e-commerce companies, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple. The next day, I watched the hearings from Attorney General William Barr.

I missed then an important deadline on July 31. On August 1 I got the concussion. I missed other deadline on August 14. Then the semester started on August ~26. While things are much better now, still I need to improve my routine. Organize better my space in my new place. Write more, to avoid all these typos. And get back my confidence, about nothing happen in the concussion.
On January 7, I got a dentist scam, where I was broken a tooth in purpose, for then try to get treatment. The paradox was that before the “Doctor” doing that say oh so beautiful, praising that she mainly found an entirely natural teeth there. I
Anyways, many things to keep fighting, but besides thankfully still there are plenty of things to do.

I will be writing posts again. I know some might get me in trouble, hopefully good trouble. But those daily analysis are a need to keep the mind fresh.
I do hope to try to get into details of daily activities, will see how I approach that, in the sense of getting still openness from friends. If I write here about something would be an analysis of a situation, or about my reflections.
I might go back to my prior platform where I use to write, but I am testing this site meanwhile I see if I completely lost my prior site.

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