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Berkeley, Monday, September 21, 2020 1:10 AM

The founder of the Paris Review, who was an excellent observer, but not necessarily a good students, who got the opportunity experiences so many different duties, sports, jobs, during his life. He got the opportunity to interview so many famous writers, including Ernest Hemingway, who I just learned committed suicide, unfortunately, in 1962. Anyways, the founder of the Paris Review, whose name I forgot now, sorry, when I write another posts I will record his name. I should keep those notes on a handy notebook. I used to do that. Anyways, he always recorded notes. I had the opportunity to watch one of his interviews at the University of California TV. I am not sure if the interview happened in Berkeley. I think that was the case. But what stroke me was the clarity on which he described every single detail of something he explained.

Many people hate the details. I get that, because of the pace where things happen. Still I stick to understand all the details, so I can either do it, explain it… (I was going to type here apply it, but I see it makes not sense, because I already said do it)

Anyways, reporting is different sometimes that explaining. Writing is a very important skill. Any researcher is by default a writer because needs to explain the work to others, and often that is another challenge.

Confidence and practice goes by hand.

I reopened this blog, because if I want to put my attention outside of my duties, which I should put even more efficient hours on them, I think I best invest better that time writing that watching a video or in any other activity that would consume time.

The paradox of videos is something to debate or to think further. I think it is an efficient way of communication, yet to be time limited.

I think some time next week, I will try to recover the old posts from this domain.

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