Berkeley, Monday, September 21, 2020 2:53 AM

With one activity in between, I finished up this rough set up of this site. This really should not drag time away from the main responsibilities.

In any case, I will keep going. Hopefully, I will get some sleep on the next days, and more important, I hope I can finish my activities on time.

The virtue to stay focused without burning out is a good virtue to do every day. The blog serves as a notebook some times. Some drafts can be put in the trash, as some could be brainstorming while searching for clarity. Other drafts are more thoughtful process of thinking, I know it is redundant, but what I meant is that other posts really can be helpful to stay on track in life.

How often to write something here. Any time, when I either want to record a thought or to analyze an issue or to discharge a problem. I think this help to reach sincerity or deeper thoughts, but as usual it might be a distraction not necessarily needed as well.

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