Is the blog an addiction?

Berkeley, Thursday June 11, 2020 1:52 AM

I do not know what blog means or what is it? I do not want and will not go to do random searchings online. It might not be wrothy for this question, because it is more a philosophical and practical one.

I started this online, often personal and sometimes source of opinion, notebook on August 2018. I have created before that another side that I called SOWAMAR, which means SOil and WAter MAnagement Research, but it actually means sowing love, or sow amar. I created that one, quickly, for a big ideas contest, around October 2017. I lost or my proposal was rejected unanimously for all the reviewers from the competitions. It consisted on promoting citizen science. It meant to create a website platform for mainly the Congo Basin, where citizens can report the daily water stages, and so we scientists can help them to keep track of the water resources. The ultimately goal was that they learn themselves from their water sources, the water discharge variability, the variability of suspend sediment loads, and of bed loads and their uses. The sediment is not necessarily use directly by humans, although, it can be for renewing the soil, or for mining it for construction, which is not good for the river, but fishes and macro-invertebrates interact directly with them. There are so many rivers i the world, and yet it seems that we know very little about them, but now everyone, or many at least thinks that dams store water, and so that might be a good think. Well it can be, but it is important to be aware of how much water we use outside of the river, and so to keep an eye on the river and what have happen on it after we build a dam. Not everyday the scientist can go to field, nor to Congo, if the scientist work in the United States or elsewhere. Even if the river is within the United States, the scientist hardly will go very often to the river, because academic duties, and because not one can be always outside of home. Although the Son of Man did not have a place where to rest His head. Anyways, people who live nearby rivers and who go often to them are key for elsewhere to inform and learn for the daily interactions. The scientist will contribute with his worldview perspective based on reading, thinking, analysis, but he needs that daily interaction with local people.

Back to my topic to create or not a blog, or at this point to keep it or not. What I just wrote up, perhaps equals in the time invested for the projected proposal. And that is the point.

On the other hand, having such a platform have helped me to further develop my thinking, and rather I will say to develop my sensibility.

As you notice there are some incomplete quotes here. Remember it is an open notebook, nor a showcase of daily essays. Then should I care about that? No.

The point is to keep myself accountable. There is not need to report the whole day. It would be not relevant to rant or complain against other person, without commenting with the person directly. I think it has happened few times. Other times, I would have changed my mood if that is the word, or my character as I prefer to call. i might not have complained, but I might have displayed negativity on other aspects. The antidote happens as well for happiness. There might not be need to report triumphs, but sometimes, I might be able to make jokes in a post, or think more objectively, or just write for fluently in an engagement post rather than in a complain, if that happens to be the mood, or character.

Grieving in an online electronic notebook, accessible with a google search, is that correct? Perhaps the questions would be about time investment and about the platform. For example, there are plenty of things that I need to contribute, write and learn on my filed: fluvial geomorphology. I do have plenty of additional interest, where I like to provide my opinion. Then, writing in other platforms, rather than in one blog just under my name, even is better to push to be more straightforward. I do not see the point the point to mention other characters here, as this is not necessary a forum. Although people might comment, but it is a notebook.

I will keep this thing, for the purpose of accountability. It is stupid for a fluvial geomorphologist, under training, just to really on electric sources, as one always need to be looking for opportunities to go the field, which I do enjoy very much. But personal journals, and personal notebooks as some some of Anna Frank, which I have not read, at least completely, Saint Faustina, which I have not read neither, but I will, Thomas Merton journal, which I do not know if it is published, but from which Robert Giroux, extracted notes for understanding better his friend and to wrote a very moving introduction to one’s of Merton’s books. So his journal was available to Merton. Biographers look for those journals. Yes, a sort of a journal, will go much deeper in ones mind, should, and heart. It consists of just short notes. St. Ignatius had such a journal, which is now a book, same for Pascal. Is it Pensees just a journal of thoughts? I think that yes.

Well, then this blog is a random, quite often exploration of ideas, which I will not do otherwise. Not by own initiative, as other person was quite influential to go deeper navigating the classic literature, beyond of what I normally would read. In writing few times post in this blog, I also recall, keep fresh, and look for more, wits and learning from what I will be reading.

Is this sustainable? No. One, indeed, grows while writing these blogs, but it is contra-productive to productive and to keep oneself just focused without distractions. Just the fact to sometimes be accurate on citations, on ideas opens an additional distraction to go the source and read it.

But if one grows, what is the point of not continue doing?

Because, I write this post as simple as possible. I try to answer one argument or one thought or one question or one problem. I might end up successfully achieving that in some cases, but I those are not writing carefully as final products or essays. then, comes the question what is the contribution, if it is a matter of just personal accountability. Even a long post no one will read, and even, while those annoying facts which shows up automatically of how many people has visited the page, to who I am grateful for taking the time to read this. I try to do not care much if people visited it or not, but I do care. In the way I treat this blog, I might be better without those facts. Otherwise, I sometimes just guess who is visiting. So that part is the one that is also strange. Why I do receive those stats, if often I do not know who actually reads. Should the readers says I read it. I few times have read other blog post. So the answer is no. Post are of public domain once written are out there.

Then all of these leads to say my efforts should be invested on writing objectively and often to forums. It is better to experience there approval, rejection, embarrassment, learning, but at least it is much more productive in the sense that you are reaching one reader that is the gate keeper, which is called peer-reviewed, to make one actual thoughts available to larger audiences in better platforms than on a personal online notebook.

But I will keep these as a bin of unsorted, often, thoughts. And to complain against myself sometimes. For instance I went to bed and and wake up late last three days. I need to shift my schedule to wake up at 6 AM. I was inspired with some fluvial geomorphology readings. I understood some linear regression with least square method, that I revisited from my stats class from 6 years ago, and where I was not not fully clear in estimation of coefficients. Now is clear, yet, I cut my time to further compute the uncertainty or confidence intervals of my regression and from the parameters. I really enjoy doing all my calculations by hand, and then creating the automatic calculation in the computer. I did buy book and a face mask, actually a bandana, as the one that I made myself, might or not be that good for the fall. Will see. What I found interesting is than in the place where I wrote this blog, I compute my calculations for my research, I write my steps or methods, in the same place, I can do shopping. Though I try to to keep that to the minimum, except book, which somehow I buy more from what I can read, which is an issue rather than a virtue. It would be god if I actually read all from what I have bought, rather than just store them after the big impulse of curiosity that led me to buy them, but the time and the reading list place them in a place in the long term finite, which might have have the infinite as limit.

OK. I did not answer the question of keep it or not. I just avoided for a while. I will keep this online notebook open. Is that what a blog means?

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