Berkeley, Wednesday March 25, 2020 7:07 PM

Our highest natural gift is our sperm. There are higher gifts such as faith and love. Depending in our lives and missions, it means reproducibility, frequently. Semen can not be wasted. I think that the highest point of love between man and woman is marriage. Judaism and Christianity has taught us over years the importance of fidelity. In the maxim of love is sex. It is likely to be one of the most pure, essential, beautiful, passionate, acts of humanity. I do not want to describe more, though the sex topic always need to be clear of the meaning, of the purpose, of the willingness, perhaps the experience should be reserved just for the couple that experience it.

I am writing this for fighting against industry or anything that deviates sex for its natural purpose. We can not allow industry to take away our sperms. We cannot allow industry or commerce to take part of our more natural aspects. As the naked body is our physical essence we cheat our nature with condoms, anticonceptives. One would cheat the experience with pornography. If industry has taken part in our natural lives, some for good, it is just a disgrace that we humans have allowed industry to take part in our most intimate essence.

I think that our continue understanding of ourselves and of nature is what has allowed evolve and advance in this earth, but not necessarily the artificial control of nature.

If we do not respect our own semen, then what can be expected for us to respect?

In terms of family, reproducibility which I actually believe is a gift above us, but focusing in the essentials of life experience, starting from courtship, woman rules. Female is able to capture much more things for making a decision that we can. When she is ready she starts sending signals, then is up to male to react or not to these signals in the initial courtship. Many things can be said or advices, but the magic of love is unique and present for the lively persons in live time.

Further reading

Genesis 38, 6-10

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