Did Noah include viruses in the Ark?

Berkeley, Friday, March 27, 2020 11:03 PM

Disclaimer: This is a short space that I use for either relief or creative writing or any other categories. In this piece I am just releasing some of thousand thoughts that are in my head, then I might have more space for other things. The literary category of this short text could be an allegory. It might give you hints to really other resources for facts.

Likely, yes. Because I bet that bats where also in the ark. Then are bats bad? No, everything in nature has a function, and we need to know also our limits. Bats have a unique characteristic that can be reservoirs of viruses. Does the SARS COV-2 can live in bats? Please consult scientific studies for this. Then how can the SARS COV-2 was transmitted to a human or to patient zero, which means the first human in getting the SARS COV-2 virus, and so suffered the corona virus disease COV-19? A theory seems that SARS COV-2 virus was transmitted to patient zero through a pangolin. How, I do not think that it would be by eating it, as I think that viruses are carried and transmitted from live individuals, animals, and [insects?].

The links seem that are not clear yet on how patient zero or any human got and get the virus from a bat and then potentially from a pangolin. There is some logic there, though I really do not know if the pangolin plays a role, and how it got from the bat?

Something to be clear is that we, humans, have been poaching abruptly pangolins. It seems that there are black markets for selling them. Please go and see if pangolins can carry or can get sick with the SARS COV-2 viruses, or with other corona viruses. I likely will not have further time to go an check that, though I read an interesting article this morning in the New York Times [1] and other about bats in National Geographic [2], which led me to make those connections.

Yet, as I support the campaigns for stop poaching pangolins, even I recall re-tweeted a funny campaign against it around September 2018, when I had a tweeter account, where Jackie Chan was teaching Karate to three pangolins to defend themselves, there should be clear evidence for the pangolins to be a possible vector of the viruses. If there is not, let’s be carefully with such as hypothesis of them or a poor sick pangolin as a vector to the patient zero that caused this pandemic. Otherwise, the efforts for their conservation could go in other directions if turns out that was not the source.

Well this synthesized part of my reading on the COV-19 pandemic disease and SARS COV-2 virus.


[1] Gorman, J. 2020 Pangolins Are Suspected as a Potential Coronavirus Host. New York Times (Feb 10, 2020)

[2] Rehm, Jeremy. 2018 Why some bats hunt during the day. National Geographic Magazine. (Nov 28, 2018)

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