Saint Joseph Onomastico

Berkeley, Thursday, March 19, 2020 11:55 PM

I will start saying saying that I am talking from what I have in my mind rather than from references, which is often the case of the posts in this blog posts.

Today we celebrate Saint Joseph day. He was the fiancé of Virgin Mary. I see how the word Virgin can become polemicized. We or I, however, believe what we know from the history. Mary was asked by the Angel Gabriel to bear a Son of God. Of course she accepted. When she told that to Elizabeth, who was the mom the Jhon the Baptist, Elizabeth respond to Mary, blessed are You among Woman and Blessed is the fruit of Your womb Jesus. I should check those interactions, but for reference please check the beginning of any of the Gospels.

Thanks Virgin Mary and thanks Saint Joseph, because he actually believe. I do not think that can be easy to take what Saint Joseph took. I meant to learnt that his fiancé got pregnant, and they did not have sex.

The last word, we have scandalized or often, when industry enters in natural life, lead things to products, which are a digression for perhaps one of the most fully human essences: love and fertility.

I believe that Joseph and Mary after get married, which was another important decision that both of them make, they had additional children.

Joseph was the father of Jesus on Earth, though Jesus only Father is God. He took care of Him. He raised Him. He taught Him carpentry.

There are not writings about Joseph during the crucifixion of Jesus. I do not if Joseph was still alive. Mary meet Jesus in his way to the Mount of Calvary, while carrying his own wood cross where He was later to be crucified. He told then to his beloved disciple, who is assumed to be John the writer, not the Baptist, to care of His mom. Mary also was with the disciples after Jesus death.

Then I do not know if Joseph was alive at that time. He definitely fulfilled what God and the Holy Spirit guided him to do during his life.

He took good care of Mary and Jesus during his life.

I will finish saying that living this life fully, is by renouncing to oneself, what a better example one can have that the example from Joseph.

Thus, thank you Joseph, thanks to the writers, and thanks to God to provided that example.

This is real life rather than just idealism and philosophy.

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