Gather and lead the sheep

Berkeley, March 20, 2020 0:22 AM

The Pope, the Bishops, the Priest are the leaders of the faithful. Though the Holy Spirit gives each person the reason and courage for taking actions.

I know that we are under a risky situation. Yet, has been any time since when Jesus was on Earth that the Eucharistia was not celebrated to the public?

I get that what is to Cesar one should give to Caesar, and you check then what follows in the scriptures.

But are we falling on just doing that. Can any government on Earth really be above the Church.

It just give me many wonders that need to be corrected. First, Churches in Europe, and whereas where that practice is conducted, are not just museums. Those are temples. A place to worship what we either understand or try to understand.

We cannot be afraid of this virus. I get the consequences if can have. But the Church should stand up for its people. Or is it an organization within the national governments?

The answer of course is no.

While it is a peace maker, it actively fights for humanity. It follows its own path which has a 2020 years of Christian tradition. It has not failed not because it is nice, but because it serves, it is brave.

Would Saint Damien stopped curing leprosy for his own safety? Perhaps leprosy does not expands as fast as the Corona virus. But service never has had neither closed doors, neither had a break, neither stayed shelter in place.

Come there should any brave priest out there to keep preaching, to keep the faith advancing. It is not only 2020 years, from when Jesus came to reinforce and fulfill the Judeo laws, so we go all the way back to when we learned to love, to the tell truths, to have freedom and restrictions to build community. To be brave to fight against literally anything.

Would Elijah stay in place?

Are Catholics called to remain calm, tranquil, obedient. Or to be an active defender of truths. I get this thing of safety, but who can gather the people otherwise. The government or the faith?

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