Few thoughts amid COVID-19

Berkeley, Thursday March 19, 2020 1:48 AM

We will win the war against the COVID-19. We will defeat it.

I am not saying this by facts, now, but just intuition, lead me to think that so far there are many virus out there. Of course this is a stronger one, but our immune systems has adapted, adopted and so defeated other virus over our evolution. Otherwise, we could not have come that far.

I am not checking facts now due time sake, as it is a way to release my ire that human laws think that is the best for us to be jailed at home. I know that by saying this things I actually can go to jail outside of home, which might be less comfortable. Or if being exposed to the virus can go to jail to hospital, which might be better than jail.

I do really appreciate the efforts that all the people is putting to overcome this situation. I do understand that prevention is a safe measurement.

It is hard to me to belief that isolation of the world in their homes makes people healthier. Will we be able to achieve a point of really kill the virus than then be released from home.

Perhaps we will reach that point of less reported cases, but we might be more weaken humans by then.

I know that in a war we loss people, which of course is devastated. The corona virus is teaching us the need of healthy habits in a daily basis. Back I will not go to discuss that now. The questions are who is our enemy. it is hard to understand it because we do not see it.

Healthy bodies, or healthy immune systems can defeat the virus.

A community is a natural community, not necessarily a technological one. I will put together other thoughts if the time allows other days.

One good thing I see less cars in the streets. After this bans, I really wish more people could take the streets without cars.

Technology is good, but for understanding nature. Talking about technology, I am curious if there would be a change in energy and water consumption over this time. How the energy generation has changed?

Our economies are going down, and yet we are alive. We are always at risk. Would insurances can really foresee everything? I sometimes think that we complicated too much our lives as human beings by the creation of insurances.

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