Objectification of reality

Berkeley, Monday, March 2, 2020 10:23 PM

Probably the first representation of reality that men have done was a word. Although, I do not know if trying to represent reality with some sort of figures came first. The point is we have triumphed on representing what we process in our brains with words, and so to communicate to others.

I think that there is our surrounding reality, which is the outer physical space including what we see and do not see. From the mantle of the earth, to its activities in the surface, and beyond the stars, sun, and moon we see in the sky.

There is inner reality as well. Of course weather we are able or not to communicate our inner reality, or weather we want to or do not want to, it is evident for any interceptor particularly humans, but animals as well, to see if we are understanding what we say, what we hear, what we do. It can be the inner or the outer space.

We have advanced a lot on representing the space with figures, words, numbers, and data, which is good. Yet, we always need to understand that we are simplifying reality to so far what we have been able to absorb.

We still use Euclid’s geometry to either calculate distances, represent an object with a point, a circle, or whatever figure is needed and so we can make decisions or design the built environment, and design the objects we use within it. Including vehicles.

Numbers as well were a wonderful invention and simplification of reality to make decisions and merely do transactions. When buying two oranges does not matter its geometry that much. The number two is what is important. When calculating the amount of water that is flowing in a river over a period of time, one can focus in multiple aspects from the water footprint, water color, chemical composition, bio in the water, but with a simple number of volume per second, one can already make plenty of decisions.

I can provide similar examples with sediments, where if I want I would go into the details of grain size of sand, gravel, boulder, but what it matters for some of my decisions is for accounting how the landscape is changing and so I can count them as a lumped group of sediments in this dynamic planet.

Data. Depending of the scale a skyscraper can be represented as a flat dot when studying an area of a city. Or perhaps it can be lumped in a rectangular block when doing a study at the city scale. Further, the city itself can be represented as a dot or a polygon when conducting a regional or global study. And so on.

the point is that we have evolved a lot to understand better reality by representing it with objects we use for communicating. Yet, we never need to forgot that it is not all encompassing. Each time looking at things I just realize how much more we need to learn and understand, and to communicate simply. Yet I am grateful from what I can see or sense.

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