Journal 6/27/2019

Berkeley, Friday, June 28 2019 3:37 AM

It belongs to Thursday June 27, 2019.

I am reporting it too late.

Among what I learned today was Thomas Jefferson. Man of several skills and knowledge. Beyond other things that people know him well, for being the third President of The United States. Prior that author of The Declaration of Independence. I studied today his role on as a landscape planner. He drafted a plan of survey of the former Northwestern territory, which divided and sub-divided in rectangular grids.

For about 25 minutes, I checked what happened in the debate. People focused on personal and sentimental attacks.

Socialism and free education does not work well in reality. People get what they work hard for. Why are these goals of break up the big tech companies?

I think we need to regulate their ethics, as those platforms are not necessarily healthy if people invest too much time on that. In addition that their content could be fake. Does people can distinguish what is real and what is fake or unworthy to spend time on?

I agree on plenty on topics with the democratic, progressive agenda. Such as environmental policies, regulations.

I think that fair labor laws are important, but I do not what does it means with break up the big companies.

I am against the importation tariffs.

While I will not have time now. I am curios how the current tax system. Security and defense are important, is a utopia to cut that budget, for fighting together with the world for climate change.

I am pro-life.

What about guns? They should be banned.

I believe in the separation of church and state.

I believe that the human being is able to make choices, so the state should not prohibit him, unless that it is against civil security. A major function of the government is dymatize the provision of basic utilities in its political territory, and to ensure safety.

Decisions on drugs is up to the human being. Thus, she/he decide her/his own path. The government should not ban there, but rather tax them, very high.

I support LGBT rights. Man and woman were created free, and so it is up to the person to practice and profess what they believe in their state, unless a person profess something that is a threat to the safety of the citizens.

Each person might find their path. It is not up to state to enforce it by law, but to allow the citizens really to experience their lives, and to do what is good from bottom-up. So, we need a leader with vision, and who promote freedom to live in the land, no one who would oppress any side of the human being lives.

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