Week and day wrap up – Next steps

Berkeley, Sunday, April 28, 2019 10:45 PM

Good working and exploring day.

Although I made a mistake last night to rest for a bit in the night in the bed, which turned on to fall asleep until about 2 AM, where I washed my face turned lights off, and slept properly, today was a fairly enriching day.

I check the newspaper in the morning, had breakfast, went to the 11 AM mass. Then, I explored a part of Berkeley that I have not been before. I went to to buy fish at Monterey Fish Market, North West area from Berkeley. i had lunch in that area, and packed dinner as well.

The area has a good residential atmosphere.

In the afternoon, I went to campus. I finished a map, from my prospectus. Although, those are little steps. It felt good to make some progress.

It was also good to be working in the computer lab with a diverse group of Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, and Environmental Planners. I will recur more often to that place.

Unfortunately, I had to decline a dinner invitation. It was not expected to have that one, but I had to work. It was a good decision. Despite I do not like to decline invitations.

The week ends. Among the highlights, i accepted a job offer, starting on August 1.

My current job, ends on May 31. I will invest my full June and July working on my qualification exams.

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