Why do I blog?

Berkeley, Tuesday April 30, 2019 11:50 PM

I am starting too late to write this post, as tomorrow, is a day to spend until the night on a campus, as I will participate in the 10 year tenure celebration of the CED Dean, who is in her last term. I will start early my activities, in order to be done by that time.

Anyways, in a reflection of should I invest this time to write, and should I write about my life, or should I comment about topics of interest to the audience?

I think since I created my personal blog, which has my name on it, as completely transparent process, the purpose was to reflect on my day, account from facts that happened during it, call on myself on mistakes, and get learnings from them.

I wrote similar words in the blog front page in August, when I started writing those post.

I have not been that consistent, and about one month ago, I shared a very personal interaction, still calling on my actions, more than claiming on others, beyond referring to their names.

At that point, it was a source of discharge as well, as I was with some pain that I need to relief. Still, I had to stay professionally during my class, but I had an hour break between the class and a meeting, when I recall I wrote about 4 posts. (Update 5/19/19, the meeting was on Friday, so I might have pushed me to free my mind on day day to continue writing my milestones, as I was on track those days.)

There is not need to me to publish my personal life, however, in that process I gain some clarity. Often, it used to come with advice, on healthy habits.

Reflection is a wonderful. I gain that with praying as well, although, in praying I get more connection, learning, courage, forgiving, healing, than reflection itself.

If I keep the habit of blogging, it is a constant commitment to things to things I learnt and I aim to do.

I should continue or write more thoughtfully this post other time, but I need to sleep now.

Basically, I decided to blog publicly, because writing and reflecting is beautiful. I have doing it privately, before starting to write the blog. I have not had yet drawbacks to keep a kind a public journal of what I want to reflect from my daily life in a short amount of time.

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