Manchester City

Berkeley, Wednesday, May 5, 2021 10:10 PM

I am not a soccer fan, I would rather say, not sort of a soccer fan anymore, but it is the professional sport that I most often check followed by the NBA.

Ah, I am not a fan from Manchester City, in the Manchester derby I would likely support Manchester United.

I do have a favorite team, though, it is Deportivo Cuenca, in Ecuador.

Not back to the subject. I praise good football, which is actually the proper name, as you can touch/hit the ball with any body part, except the hands. Goalkeepers, however, are the only exception for that.

Manchester City is in a unique position, and interestingly it can win both the Premier League and the Champions League against Chelsea.

That is the result that I would like to happen, but the good thing about sports is that despite favorites, anything can happen, as many other things in life.

Man City is playing very well. I have always been impressed by the dedication, work ethics, planning, and strategy from Pep Guardiola, who is currently, Man City coach, and another reason why I liked Barcelona F.C. very much.

He was a player under the teachings of Johan Cruyff in the 1990s in Barcelona. Cruyff was both a great player and coach, who focused in the quality of the game. Guardiola is his next level. It is incredible to see the precision and strategies from player. To see how many players grow so much under him, such as Messi. And now, it is great to see De Bruyne playing.

Man City is practically, already, the champion of the Premiere League. The team needs one win to claim in the four last match of the season, which happens to be this coming Saturday, against Chelsea.

The fact is that under the pandemic the Premier League has been the undeniable leader of European Football, which so far is the best soccer in the world. Before the pandemic as well, as Liverpool reached the two finals before the pandemic. It was also fan to watch under a good coach, as Jürgen Klopp, but now it has passed its peak. I didn’t check soccer that often though during 2018, and particularly 2019, though. But the offensive of Liverpool seemed to be a very good one with Salah and Mané.

I also am calling it soccer again, because I am in America, so here football stands for the American Football, which is the most likeable sport in the US, and I am completely fine with it.

Well, the fiscal year, the academic year, and the sports years, for many competitions, is wrapping up, I rather focus on my duties, so I can finish strong.

Oh I forgot to say that in the UEFA Europa League there are two Premier League English teams in semifinal, which second leg matches are tomorrow. Manchester United, unless it screw up badly, has it position almost secured to the final, as the first leg against Rome was 6 against 2. However, one should not forget Barcelona was had such a difference against Rome, which I do not think think it ended well, in the second leg, also those could have been the Totti times. Unfortunately, Rome is not doing well in the Calcio this year, while Manchester United is having a very good season in the Premier League. Arsenal against Villareal is a closer match, where anything can happens. The first leg Villareal won 2 against 1. The point still is the large amount of English clubs in the final stages of the European soccer competitions this year. Good for them.

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