Toxicity in excess of cleaning supplies?

Berkeley, Thursday, April 15, 2021 7:50 PM

I am not an expert about the chemical content of disinfectants, which demand I also assume have increased during the pandemic.

For anyone reading this, you can stop here, because those are just questions. It is not information. So I hope I won’t misinform you with this analysis.

Of course to answer the following question, I can read any research about or ask to someone, but I won’t do that now, and it is complicated to have always someone to ask any kind of questions.

My question is what is the environmental impact of the, I assume, significant increase in supply of cleaning products and disinfectants based in both their liquid disposal and their increase of plastic containers.

An increase of cleaning supplies would also increase your own health or rather could it expose you to some dangerous toxins?

Are you really killing the virus with those cleaning supplies. My sense is that of course no. A virus will need a living host I assume. How can a virus live on an inert surface?

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