Left brain

Berkeley, Thursday, March 18, 2021 3:47 AM

Time is just passing. I would hardly will make it to a great initiative from a colleague to write at 9 AM for 2.5 hours.

I have been having speaking problems as well. My left part of the brain, just does not feel right.

I could be related to the concussions I had in October 2018 or in August 2020, to cite a few, but perhaps the most important since I was at least 22 years old.

My sense of commitment to my work and research is back, with a great sense of purpose, and satisfaction on doing my research. I just hope I can some time soon understand about what I am feeling in the left side of my brain. And I also hope, it won’t be affecting my capacities to speak clearly in other languages.

I so far believe I lost plenty of confidence since I hit my head, but I am definitely building it back.

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