Discharging limited thoughts

Berkeley, Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 6:37 PM

I am just following my heart in many things I am currently doing these last days.

I, of course, think that is very important to create an institute of thought, faith, and philosophy. It would be a Catholic institute. However, it was hard to me to keep up with the review of a book, in a wonderful group, but with the review of a book I did not liked that much.

Still the point, of the decision, was not the book, nor the group, but that I must fulfill my duties!

I am well behind on many activities. And I have as a goal to spread, actively, the knowledge of geomorphology, modeling, and rivers.

I also need to keep my place well organized. I need to provide feedback on essay, I have assigned. I have to continue organizing well, and inviting other speakers to attend to the colloquium.

There are more personal matters that I need to take care of.

As it is clear for everyone, Rome was not built on one day, neither science, nor a PhD. I have a long path to build, to illuminate, and to make it clear.

All the insecurities that started after the concussion, I need to get rid of them, and just go ahead whether if that had any effect or not.

I know I enrolled in so many sources of reading, which are overcoming my daily capacity to do things, and to read as well. I will have a hard time getting rid of them, as I have become to extremely appreciate the politic debate, the rigorous science, some source of daily news, and some critic and educational Catholic sources. Plus, reading books, unrelated to my field.

Well, while, this seems to be a story of self-awareness, to which I am of course, self aware every day. The point is to obviously take action soon.

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