What I am reading?

Berkeley, Thursday, March 4, 2021 2:20 AM

Four to five newspapers a day, four of them in print, but somedays I skip them, so the pile build ups quickly, while my cash still gets automatically sucked. Then around this time I am reading the book The Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell. He is a great author, particularly of columns and book reviews. In his book is making an interesting analysis of the political landscape of America since the 60s.

I joined on Wednesdays a group at Newman. We read three chapters per week and then discuss. Those are short chapters. The boo is The Road of Hope by Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan. Since I just joined them last week, and I got my book this week, I started on chapter 10. I had to catch up back from the intro. It seems that those are daily reflections from a Cardinal. I do not have yet much insights as I said I just started.

For Thursday, I am reading the booklet The Arc bends Towards Justice, published by Pax Christi. It is a booklet of reflections for lent, which we discuss on a group lead by an excellent Deacon at Mary Magdalene.

When I can, I continue either making invites for the colloquium I am organizing this semester. So my philosophy is to read at least an article for them before inviting. Just in one occasion I just skimmed the book chapters, unfortunately. In other occasion, I knew very well the guest, so I look through some articles to share to the people enrolled in the class.

The newspapers I am reading on a daily basis, when I can, are The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Eat Bay Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Time to time I read something in the Washington Post, and I would say recently, I more than often have read El Universo from Ecuador.

There are other sources, but I would try to stick to the facts rather than to the wishful descriptions.

While I am subscribed to Science and Nature, I have declined my readership on those, and focused too much on politics and perhaps explored too much of some aspects of popular culture, which I had curiosity lately.

I must catch up with my daily reading on the topics on which I likely will particularly contribute more, daily writing, close the data analysis which is nearby to finish, and to do many paperwork and procedures I have left behind to do.

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