Berkeley, Wednesdays, March 3, 2021

It is good to track the time and the activities than one perform during a day. Of course, when adrenaline is high, one can perform well, but with regard to the daily training and work progress time actually flies.

Then, I can either complain, or worst not care much about the actual progress. There are wonderful sources of information that get one distracted and interested on other subjects, but at the one has a responsibility.

My mind has an interesting behavior. I put plenty of attention in politics, and daily news in the US, and locally as well. Then it is not easy to keep up with the news generated by school, and worst, keep up with school timely progress, paper work, civil paper work, such as tax declaration forms, among others.

Despite all of that, life is good and interesting, when one is fully engaged to it. Journalists for the good or the bad have an important role in the world to it aware or to keep it connected on a certain moving pace. Columnist, usually, are people with good criteria, when they do not focus just on complaining, though often seems that it is their job, and that is fine, to provide argued opinions either to teach, moralize, reflect on world situations.

I have found that keep up connected with the USA news, some global news, perhaps through the Economist, other magazines about views that I share, or not share, or from where I learn, plus time to time reading newspapers from Ecuador, gives an interesting context and purpose to my own work.

I won’t cite now some famous people newspapers reading habits, perhaps in another when I will go through those, and my daily reading list.

The problem of setting aside time and physical space for reading four newspapers, several weekly magazines, one continuous daily book, and to be on the supposedly top of mountain of due work duties, actually just create a mountain of newspapers, print science articles, books, pens, pencils, paper notes, that surround me. It is great to stay informed, connected, active on social media (with opinions) I think I will be back there at some point in the near future, but it also created some unfocus in searching online for some additional news on a top, read up to date opinions of candidates on their twitter accounts, or just to search online the editorials for a fifth US newspaper to which I don’t receive it in print, and for one or more Ecuadorian newspapers.

The dark side if I is not fully engaged in school, or with the Catholic community groups, or with many other activities, and if one is not fully engaged with news and problems, pornography can take a place, and that is not, because it can be timeless as well.

I want to write more about things I did between late December and during some January and February this year. Sometimes I just thing I should not duplicate efforts on writing either a personal essay, or an opinion article, or a book, which at some point I want to write about my life, not for the sake that someone care about it or for giving out the a proud life sample, but for the seek of reflection about it fully open, and if that exercise works for someone then it is good.

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