Quick update

Berkeley, Tuesday, November 17, 2020 3:40 PM

With regard to the hit on my head on August 1, 2020. It was in the back of it. I do not think the cerebrum received the first impact, but the occipital lobe. Though the impact was felt to go deep

Talking to my parents on Saturday, it seems I made a mistake twice on explaining the number of days and hours of a worker. It was interesting we were talking about economic policies. None of us is an economist by the way, but always we have had a certain degree of interest on politics. What it worries me is to make that mistake. It did not use to happen those things quite often.

I also couldn’t recall today immediately the name of Donald Knuth. And I admire him very much.

I have got easily distracted reading everything but my work. So I am behind, and not actually doing quite diligently my own responsibilities.

I need to be more effective tomorrow on providing feedback on projects. Creating assignment. And back to hard rock! The latter means geology.

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