Berkeley, Sunday, November 15, 2020 5:45 PM

I know that writing this “blog” is better to perform later on the date than now, according to my schedule.

But I do want to address issues. I have lost plenty of confidence since the concussion and since I move to the new place.

More importantly, I have lost plenty of ability to get things done. One aspects was lack of communication, but another is lack of attention to actually finish tasks. The last is a lack of organization on the schedule.

How to know if the concussion had an effect on me. Or rather if it is just a lack of enough sleep and lack of enough eat.

I will find out that as I try to move forward.

Today, I slept from 5:31 am to 1:10 pm. That is completely insane. Those a re good hours wasted. The word insane is not good, but I would rather say that is not healthy. I was watching some prior democratic conventions speeches and some news. Then, time just flew. I have been bombarded with media, including subscriptions to good magazines and journals, but at some point it is hard to read all of these.

Before 3 pm, I prepare brunch, and I attended to mass, online. I finally went to play tennis. It was a wonderful afternoon, but my performance was poor. Of course one cannot expect more than one can give. But my brain was not there. Yesterday was my father birthday, we had a beautiful family meeting through zoom with my whole family, but I forgot a simple song. I pretty sure the the bad hit of the back of head against the concrete beam on August has not anymore effects on me, but I am letting things go too loose.

I checked closed all the politics, yet I just need to do better on my own work. Because I have have bought hundreds of books since I have arrived to Berkeley, and I am back to read them, I still have plenty of boxes with books all over the place. My new apartment, which I rent, has less storage capacity than the prior one. Though the space distribution is better, the the location is better, and so the rent is a bit higher than the prior one, the storage capacity is smaller.

I will not let all the factors beaten me. Newspapers have given me a lot of food for thought. I do not read thoroughly, I receive three newspapers per day, but I read the opinion part. But my minerals, rocks, landscape processes, landscape forms, rivers, and getting a bit behind, and that likely is on of the places I play in society among other things. Writing has been a good company, but is best an ok public blog, a good personal journal, an open book, all, or others, which also include the professional writing. the latter one is my only required next mountain to climb.

I keep hitting all these boxes all the time, what is going on? Lack of order.

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