Generosity though it might need some thought

Berkeley, Wednesday, September 30, 2020 6:48 PM

A, look like, good neighbor came to my door for giving advice about moving to a new unit within the same complex, which has recently emptied.

While, In inspected the new unit, I made my assessment and I will not move.

In between the conversation, I said I had all these magazines that I need to figure out what to do. One of them Science magazine.

I have not finished yet to organize my apartment so I have plenty of thing to allocate within the space I have.

He was interested in the Science magazines, so I gave him three I found in the pile I had in the floor, and later another one I saw in the table.

I should have cross off my subscription details, which I asked him to do, but he said he would do it for me.

I am glad those magazines will have a good use, though somehow I got the feeling that it was not the best time to give them away.

Strange I got that thought.

Anyways, I am happy my neighbors are reading science. I must alert and prepare to know what I am giving away other times, for which organization is the key.

The uncertainty came because I did not know what I was giving away, even if I had read it.

But they are definitely in a good use now I believe, but I do not understand.

That is the only difference in my thoughts. Since I try to understand each action.

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