Few regrets and prospects

Berkeley, Monday, September 28, 2020, 9:07 PM

I do not have a heavy load this semester as I had in the past, yet I need to increase my productivity. There is one benefit of having a very busy schedule, which is even if one is falling behind, I think I am more efficient in that setting, just because time is limited.

those five weeks have been busy setting up the class. I am pretty sure I do not have a sequel from the concussion, and in the near future I should be able to fix what the prior dentist got wrong.

This might be harsh, but guess one should not go to the dentist or doctor unless one really need it. Though most of doctor are good people.

I think, when health insurance is compulsory, one might find a wrong practice once in a while. The medical care for all who one seems a good option for me. Though it should be for another discussion.

The work must be done on a daily basis by around 10 pm. Then one should go to sleep or just be away from the computer.

As I said after some busy weeks, where I have not even finished to organize my new place. I am already on 65-70% done of organizing books, and particularly the bookshelves are already secured to the wall. Well, on Friday, I was curious of the what are the updates of the international football (soccer). I have not watched soccer I guess since summer 2018, where I just checked few events. I ended up watching soccer for 4 hours, and sleeping around 4.15 am, which is already a wake up time. Extremely bad. I skipped one review, though completed other academic task during Saturday, until 5.45 pm, when I went to play tennis. Wonderful experience, and I am grateful there are multiple tennis court options within a walking distance from home. We went to the King tennis courts is Hopkins. It was my first time there. It was great.

I need to improve my sleeping schedule again. I am not sure if I should change the bed. I will keep adjusting the best practices.

One important aspect is how to keep my usual energy levels up again.

Order is important. I am subscribed to newspapers and magazines. It is a good thing to read those things daily.

In part, I have decreased my daily writing.

The three meals per day, sometimes have become 1 meal in my new place. I guess because of lack of organization and time.

Things are getting better, but I need to get more organized.

I had a steep learning curve in the first weeks of the semester to become a camera man, and video editor. Interesting, and perhaps that is why ended up checking videos the other day.

I guess videos are ok and illustrative, when provided within a learning environment and with a time limit.

Between Saturday and Sunday, I might have checked about three hours, if not more, of tennis and interviews related with the topic. True I have learned some aspects, but as a famous couch from UCLA basketball team UCLA said in an interview:

time lost is never to be found

John Wooden

My environmental monitoring goals keep alive. I guess, I just took a break to learn from champions, particularly in tennis, and team work in soccer.

Around 2009 I stopped watching sports actively under the philosophy that I prefer to learn by doing, and or comment or criticize or learn from people who I actually know. I have applied that many times, particularly during my last years of college. So one key of progress is to stay active and involve either in many things, as far as one can handle them, or at least on one’s main field of activity. Well, in college I did not have to cook, which is not a big issue, I actually think one can eat healthier by cooking, but again time.

Will see how much I can catch up this week.

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