Berkeley, Tuesday, May 26, 2020 11:06 AM

It seems that if we have working ears, then just to listen should not be that complicated. At the end, we just need to listen!

The problem comes, when there is a hard decision to make, when the time is limited, when our inner proud ego wants to react in a topic that we might thing we know well, so we, or specifically I, interrupt the interlocutor, who is kindly giving me his time, and generously expressing his views, trying to provide his advice, or generously teaching. I interrupt in an area I think I know, just to provide my opinion.

When time is restricted, and important decisions are at the stake, particularly when I am the one to perform those those decisions within the next few days and few hours, anxiety to jump in to defend one views on the ways to get the the work done or rather the method to it might have played an important role. Yet, while one can emit one’s opinion with more certainty after have dominance of a particular technique, even then it is better to listen, and then express one’s opinion. What happened I interrupted the interlocutor, who was explaining me a way to do a work, but I interrupted because I have learned to do it in another way, and I do not fully agree with a extrapolation of that method. However, I yet have to review if I have all the data for doing it with the method that K.C. taught me before. Well, I am very grateful with R.S. for his teachings.

Listening is always the best way to go. Second, timing. While expressing our opinions is very important, one should not interrupt the interlocutor. If the time is up, perhaps we just mention at the end I will provide my views, by comparing these other results in the next deliverable or during the next meeting. If time is a constrain, which quite often it is, and also depends a lot on the way that one focus his own attention during the work routine in order to perform the explained and expected work, and also produce one’s own additional insights to compare, I think it is just a matter of doing in the given way, but pushing to produce one owns signature. With that I mean is not about the name, it means and so I understand, and so I implement, and so it can be also done in this way. This is the comparison. Listening and following the advice in the way as it is given, allows to even come up with more focused questions and so to have a more productive dialogue and so a more productive work.

The key thing is the timing, and so to avoid interrupting by jumping in.

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