Biden-Warren [I hope!]

Berkeley, Saturday, May 23, 2020 1:18 PM

There are many daily news coming in every day. Reading that Joe Biden has been meeting once per week with Elizabeth Warren gave me plenty of hope. I do not know if that would end up being the running binomial for the highest public office in the United States. I just hope that will be the case. Such as integrity, commitment, toughness and seriousness of Senator Warren, I think will be very welcome as running mate for Presidential Candidate Joseph Biden. I doubt that this duo, if that is the case to happen, will end with high popularity records, and while I hope to be wrong in that prediction, if happens that they will be running candidates and win the election, they definitely will bring integrity and and respect to the oval office. Such a possible scenario will likely be a more quiet presidential work, which is actually a more Presidential one, with less frenzy. That is why I said that if that happens, they might end up with less popularity than other presidents, perhaps such as binomio would bring less frequent news, so the media might lose a bit of attention in the so called breaking news, but the office and the country would win with that serious and hard working duo.


Ah. I forgot to mention that my opinion of such a potential, more quiet, performance during Biden presidency was influenced by Ross Douthat views in an Op-Ed piece from Feb. 27, 2020 for the New York Times titled The Case for Biden.

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