Thoughts or rather experiences

Berkeley, Sunday, April 26, 2020 5:08 Pm

The Catholic doctrine does not evolve over time is rather one who can evolve or rather restore by understanding the basic teachings, and more important by living them out. It has survived by thousand of years, not because of evolution, but because of the Word does not change [see Mt. 34, 25], and most importantly the word becomes flesh. What does it mean? A essential component of the doctrine is to live the faith. So itself the Church, while relevant by preaching to remain the word, it teaches with actions. No one is perfect, but God, so in the multiple imperfections that one self has and the multiple mistakes and sins that oneself commits, finds the way to restoration [others would say revindication, with the goal of salvation, yes true, and utterly important] by learning with incarnating the Catholic doctrine. Then, comes discipline, as one might have gained tools or knowledge to live the day, but then could come foolishness on making mistakes again, and it might take a bit of time on reconstructing the flesh with a healthy soul again as well. The more we live the more we learn. But an essential component for gaining wisdom, understanding, and more, is praying and discipline. The Catholic doctrine is a doctrine of existence based on love, faith, and hope. It promotes focusing on giving more rather than focusing on receiving. So essentially it teaches to fish, rather than just giving fishes. It defends human nature. It teaches essential actions of behavior for building community, by teaching what one shall not do [see Ex. 20, 1-7, 13-17, Mt 5, 17-37], and what one shall do [see Mk. 12, 29-31 and Mt. 5, 38-48 and Ex. 20, 8-12]. So those commandments are teachings of life and prevention rather than of prohibition. And while the more one advances in life, the more unacceptable the mistakes become, forgiveness is also part of the Catholic doctrine, as reflection with repentance is a way to salvation as well [see Mt 3,2 and Mt 18, 21-35 and Lk 23, 40-43].

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