Day report or rather shallow analysis of few things for the seek to write here

Berkeley, Saturday, April 25, 2020 00:45 AM

i do not think it was a recent thing, not even since the shelter-in-place. While at the beginning of the shelter-in-place was not easy to get use to just work in the studio, for which I am grateful I have had an opportunity to been living not only now, but in general. Of course, it might have its cons of having everything in one place, kitchen, bed, and desk, next to a noisy street, but cooking, the initial time for reflection, and having the opportunity to have a space to continue learning and trying to be active, while sat, while might sound a paradox, but it means keeping the brain active, and engaged.

For learning, I should be able to deviate more efficiently distraction. A good way is to receive to newspaper in a print form. Yes, by leaving in a building, there has been always the risk over this time to the contract the virus in the common areas such as by picking up daily the news, throwing the trash, and in the laundry area. As well as it can be contracted by buying the groceries for the week, and I do not elsewhere. So the term of isolation, might be partial isolation. And finally, i also have stopped to check quite actively the updates on the corona virus, since this week probably. It was not something that frequent that I checked, but stayed informed used to be a priority over stayed on top of my course work. Now is of course the opposite, as we are crunch time.

Yet I wonder, why by 6:50 PM, I was extremely tired, so I “listened to body” and took a nap that ended up to be for about 2 and half hours. It is quite hot right now, and it is the middle of the night. Somehow late to use tomorrow morning and afternoon the normative best working hours. Still I should aim to be up by 7 am, and keep that time for waking up earlier. Regarding the temperature, it might be concentrated heat, as my window faces the west, and I think we are in hot days nowadays. That could have been one of the reasons of being tired by 6:40 PM, or a meeting at 5 PM, where some things were say, but not yet everything is clear.

I am using the computer, or have been using the computer for a while, for spatial or landscape modeling. If I get time in other occasion, I should explain those terms in more accessible words, because designing the land use in a large scale makes a lot of sense. As models have the good thing of have framed working flows or procedures over years of trial, error, correction, invention of metrics, analysis, feedback, modeling of processes in the land, and more, something that makes the models useful. I guess I have been stubborn and resistant to change, in my sometimes lack of vision and trust in mere modeling, and I guess I have been slow on understanding concepts and making sense of some applications. I will not look more indoors here for the occasion.

The good news is that I think I am starting to see. The word again, might apply, though that feeling might happen as well in small tasks or in long projects as well.

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