Berkeley, Sunday April 19, 2020 8:02 PM

Unfortunately, I did not study liberal arts, but I guess fortunately I have been curious and paid attention to my life, myself, my surroundings, and others. And yet, while there are wonderful intellectuals, artists, scientists, leaders that have been able to capture the essences of life, of the Natural Law, and remind us and teach us of our nature, the peasant farmer can also live the liberal art of life by understanding and working through it.

In essence the traditional term of liberal art is education, understanding. Rather than training to fit into a human created system.

The word renaissance is not an elite one. It rather can happen at any time during one’s life. As it means born again. Then, why born again? Because sometimes one can get some distance to the natural self. It is not about facing adversity, which is often constant in one’s life, and sometimes oneself is the main resistance to advance. It is about reconnecting to our essence.

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