Good teachers and good students

Berkeley, Sunday April 19, 2020 5:55 PM

The importance of the search of truth and the existence of good teachers, but being a good student plays a key point in that equation. Socrates taught Plato. Plato taught Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander.

Albert Magnus taught Aquinas. Many contemporaneous 800 years after Aquinas still have him as a reference.

The style of their writings, at least the few I have consulted, is usually question, then argument. Or problem or challenge and then response in the case of Aquinas.

So the key thing is to solving the question. Dr. Peter Kreeft said in one talk at the Franciscan University of Steubenville I saw two weeks ago, that half of the work is providing the question.

While it is an interesting argument. I only will write here, that yes, essentially plenty of the daily activities and professional activities really on solving a something. Fulfilling a mission. The given problem and the time that would take to come up with a solution would differ in time, according to the circumstances. We know, however, that we are able to sense what is true and what is not true. As we advance in life, it is more clear how important is to try to keep always the true clear, fight for it. We understand that the time given to something is blood. Yes, time is blood. We are able to learn that we only advance as society or civilization fighting for things that give us life, freedom, not just money. We know that freedom has limits, as given in ten commandments by Moses, and in two commandments by Jesus. As time continues to move on it is more clear that every single word taught by our ancestors and that have passed over generations is true, and would be too selfish, too fool, too proud, from oneself to neglect them. Time is blood.

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