Land cover changes

But who changes them?

With what purposes have been changed?

Why to prevent or promote change?

Who prevent or who restore them?

How lively are the policies?

How close do they match natural laws?

What are the processes?

Who are the actors?

What are the purposes?

Who owns the land?

Should we better to call everything in terms of processes?

Then should be land use a better term than land cover? Though, it exists, the question would be why a distinction.

At the end who changes the cover?

Who is using the land over a period of time? For example, is grass using the land or is it just covering it? If it is replaced with pavement, that will be a cover, but for what is pavement used for then?

Is not everything in motion in the land? Including the earth itself? Even the wind makes something to move in the more static place, if you do not want to look closer.

Let’s focus in processes.

What happens in the land?

Berkeley, Tuesday, April 14, 2020 11:09 AM

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