The site goes live again!

Berkeley, Sunday, April 12, 2020 1:10 PM

It has been one month of struggling in the speed of doing things. I am late with a couple of assignments and an essay now. Perhaps, it is not about distractions, as I choose what I want to focus, rather than just allowing the internet or other online resources to bombarding with information that I was not interested on at first place. Fortunately, I do not have a TV. Though I am subscribed to newspapers and magazines, from where I get my daily dose of information. Plus, sometimes searching online for topics I am interested on, at that moment.

I do have developed a habit, now for few years, of reading a side book daily. On that context I also spend some time and some money searching and buying books, on that topic. While that can be good, definitely, takes part of my time.

Then why not to invest the twenty to sixty minutes per day which is about the time I invest on this blog, depending on the frequency I write, on the assignments.

[Intermission: My window faces the street and there is a bus stop in the other side of the street. It is funny, though cute? [will see if I use other word there], that unknown people will start greeting me from there. I also call to greet some friends and acquaintances when I see them. Others just passing staring.]

Despite, the time, topic deviation for my main research focus, I do like this blog of journal of life. It has had a positive impact in my life writing here my thoughts. I have went deep sometimes, other times perhaps I went metaphoric, other times I have reported events, or other times I just typed the stage of mind, and wanted to either get rid or print here some thoughts. So either the outcomes have been clarity, reference, learnings, or just making a bit of space in the mind. The outcome of such as habit has been good.

Yes, true, I could spend the same time, and actually polish my writing skills, make better arguments and more compiling stories to submit as short or long essays to a board of editors, and so benefit from their feedback, plus contribute with and actually provide my thoughts to a larger audience. Well, that is something that might happen as well, as any other things can happen, as far I can catch up with my current job and classes.

So I will keep this site for putting together my thoughts when I need. I decided to deleted two days ago, to get rid of any potential distractions, but as I stated above this is a sane distraction. In the sometimes insanity of words I can write here, one can find sanity. Time by time I do believe I have written good posts. Few times I have reached tears tears writing them, which means this is healthy. Other times, I have laughed to what comes to my mind and so typed. Finally, the fact that the site is live and active now for 20 months, when I said active, is on average of writing posts here, as for example, I did not write anything during here Fall 2019, and was a very productive semester. But again, the fact that the site has been live for a period already gives itself some meaning. Either was a reason I typed something at a specific day and time, there has been a reason for that, and so it is here for further reference.

I could invest plenty of time setting a up the website on a good way. I see that the header image is back in this time. Those water falls nearby Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador. I took the picture in July 2017. The other picture writing there it was in the lab or studio at Wurster Hall, around April 2018. There is not reason to why or not put that picture there. A portrait would be better, but I do not draw that well.

The name on the top, is the name of the author. There is not need that it will be always there, but I do not have control over keeping or removing. At the end it should be somewhere at some point. Journal of Life is the purpose of this page, which actually is think tank blog, as I named the two tabs that are in this webpage, which properly I named Heart Pensées [1]. At the end, what is important in life is that we think with the heart, and so we should cultivate good hearts and think with the heart more often.

Other items as the search bar to find old posts, or just showing the post titles, I lost them in another theme. I like this theme, because I can add the head image in the front page, though words and portraits are better than images. Now, unfortunately, if someone wants to go to an old post, needs to keep scrolling and going to older pages. There is a search widget but compress everything towards the left side. Then the text does not look good. Might be googling can help. Thankfully, there are this templates. For me it is unlikely that I can invest time on better designing the webpage, and allocating the right feature as I want. I should think on that as well when I decide to use either LaTeX or Word or InDesign for my normal reports. While one can do beautiful things, the purpose is what matters. So then it is good that there is always a set of tools to select from, and so one can balance time and outcomes.

Here, I will keep writing. This is often for a personal purpose and learning purpose, though I often write some learning lessons and messages for a general audience as well.


[1] The name Pensées was inspired after finding out that Blaise Pascal wrote such a book. I have not finished it yet, I have read parts of it. There is a blog post about it earlier in this blog.

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