Berkeley, Sunday, Febraury 23, 2020 9:55 PM

Sabbath is the Lord days, and to my understanding not work should be done on it.

Was it still valid after the coming of Jesus?, who came to reinforce and fulfill what had been announced and written before Him, and to bring those commandments to another higher level of dignity, humanity and love. Commandments announced to Moses around four thousand? year before he came to Earth, plus additional annunciations and God’s wisdom available in written form from authors from Moses to the the last prophet, before Jesus, who I do not at the time I am writing this.

But the question here is what is expected for us in the Sabbath? And when is it exactly? Is it on Saturday, Sábado, or is it on Sunday?

Unofficially the work often gets spread out through seven days. While by being efficient, and moderate as well, it can actually be condensed in six days, as it is written. Then, why human laws ask us to work only for five days. When did that started?

Also in many passages of he Bible, light is such as important thing, which means sunlight or daylight. I have plenty of things to always correct, learn, adapt, and fulfill from what is written there, which is continuously alive.

Mentioning these things here does not mean that I am wise or holy or perfect, or any good qualitative adjective related to the matter. It means how stupid I am often, and it makes me realize of plenty of my mistakes. Yet it is good to reflect, and to continue learning.

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